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Converse Chapters

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Interested in connecting with Converse alumnae in your area? Converse Chapters are currently forming across the Southeast!

Converse is forming or renewing chapters in: Charleston, Greenville, Midlands/Greater Columbia, and Spartanburg, SC; Atlanta, GA; Charlotte and Raleigh, NC; Birmingham, AL; Jacksonville, FL; and Washington, DC. Chapters in other areas are also encouraged. If you are interested in joining the effort, please email

Check out the chapter structure guidelines from the Alumnae Office below and then make plans to join in or help launch your own chapter!

  • Co-Chair – 2-year term
    • Chairmanship to be shared as a Co-Chair role between at least two and no more than three (3) people for two (2) years. Replacements must be secured prior to the end of their two-year term and before the end of the fiscal year (June 30). Co-Chairs may be willing to take on an additional two (2) year term by notifying the TAPP Chair and Director of Alumnae Relations prior to the expiration of their first term. The Co-Chairs are responsible for planning, executing and attending Chapter events in their area. Co-Chairs will submit the RSVP List and Post Event Report to the Alumnae Board Liaison (TAPP Chair).
  • Communications/Social Media Chair– 2-year term
    • The Communications/Social Media Chair maintains Chapter’s social media efforts. The Communications/Social Media Chair sends electronic communication via email or e-invitations to alumnae, takes photos at events and abides by the social media guidelines set forth by the College.

Any group of 10 or more alumnae of Converse College may unite and seek to form a local chapter to be affiliated with Converse College.

Once a group of 10 or more interested alumnae have been established, they must hold an event with the purpose of forming a Chapter.  Selection of leadership (2 Co-Chairs and a Communications/Social Media Chair) must be established and the College notified prior to any social media initiatives being taken.

  • Each Chapter Chair will have a Liaison from the TAPP Committee of the Alumnae Board, who serves as a resource for planning and support.
  • Quarterly events are encouraged and no less than two (2) Chapter “get togethers” shall be held each year. See the Event Planning Guidelines section below for suggestions.
  • It is recommended that Chapter events be ‘dutch treat’ as payment is the responsibility of the guests and should be of little or no cost to the participants.
  • Notice of all events should be communicated with the College four (4) to six (6) weeks prior to events. Email to inform the College of the event and request an electronic list of alumnae in the area.
  • Chapters must adhere to the College’s Communication and Social Media Policy. *See the Communications and Social Media Guidelines section below.
  • Chapter year coincides with the College’s fiscal year, July 1-June 30.
  • Chapter activities must be financially self-sustaining.
    • Chapter alumnae sponsorships should not conflict with Annual Fund gift to College.
    • Event sponsorships must have prior approval from the College.
  • If an event seeks to raise money, the chapter will only do so for the College Annual Fund or other priorities of the college. Converse Chapters may not raise money for other charitable organizations.
  • Offer variety and be inclusive. Hold events that appeal to and are conveniently located for all alumnae in the area.
  • Consider scheduling regularly, i.e. the 3rd Thursday of each month, so participants can remember more easily.
  • Chapter Co-Chairs should issue invitations no less than three weeks prior to chapter events. Invitations may be issued via Facebook, phone trees, email blasts, View from the Tower (content deadline is the 15th of each month prior to event) or U.S. mail. Chapters must adhere to the College’s Communication and Social Media Policy (*See the Communications and Social Media Guidelines section below).
  • The Office of Alumnae relations will provide the following upon request: sticker name tags (names are not pre-printed), a Sharpie marker, Converse cocktail napkins, coasters and plastic cups.
  • Each event should have a sign in sheet to collect the name, class year and current mailing and email address of each guest. Dependent upon the style event, you may consider a registration table with name tags, keeping the event well branded with the Converse name and logo.
  • Chapter leaders should submit a Post-Event Report to the TAPP Chair and within two weeks after the event.
    • Post-Event Reports should include the following:
      • Event details: Date, time, location
      • Chapter leadership in attendance
      • List of Alumnae attendees with contact information (First and last name, class year and current mailing and email address of each guest)
      • Feedback on event, response from alumnae, recommendations for other chapters or future events

Suggestions for Types of Events:

  • Luncheon
  • Happy Hour
  • Piggyback on an existing Community event “Pick a Meet-Up Spot”
  • Wine & Paint Nite or similar DIY event
  • Beer Tasting/Brewery Tour
  • Attend a Converse athletic event!
  • Tailgate tent at an Athletic Event,
  • “Tailgate” in someone’s backyard and watch the game
  • Screen on the Green events (Outdoor Movie Nights)
  • Guest Speakers
  • Cocktail Party in an alumna home ( *Coordinate with Office of Alumnae Relations)
  • Barre to Bar (exercise at the Barre then meet at the Bar)
  • Meet at the Zoo –Bring the kids!
  • Trivia Night at local restaurant
  • Art Exhibition
  • Kayaking
  • Theme Park outing
  • Zip Lining/Outdoor Adventures
  • Summer Potluck Picnic at your local Community Park
  • Visiting Professor Talk
  • Request a College Speaker
  • Community Service, Cultural, Academic, Social, Multicultural, Career Networking
  • Attend a professional sporting event: Football, Basketball, Baseball


It is vital that communications from Converse Alumnae Chapters and from the College be coordinated to support one another in a manner that optimizes alumnae engagement. The Communications and Social Media Policy provides guidelines for this purpose.

Converse alumnae, friends and parents receive a variety of electronic communications relating to Converse – from the Office of Alumnae Relations, Converse Alumnae Chapters, Institutional Advancement, and the College at-large. The volume of total communication, regardless of its point of origination, creates the recipients’ perception that they hear from Converse too little, just the right amount to stay interested, or too much. Striking the right balance to pique interest, without becoming overwhelming and causing recipients to tune out (or even unsubscribe), is our aim.

This policy provides oversight for the number of additional e-mails/e-blasts that should be distributed by Converse Alumnae Chapters, and outlines the process for requesting email distributions by College staff.

It is understood that in special circumstances, with the approval of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and the Director of Alumnae Relations, additional communications beyond the parameters of this policy may be distributed, when necessary and appropriate.

Guidelines for Email Communications

  • E-blasts to Chapter Members: Converse Institutional Advancement and the Office of Alumnae Relations recommends that each Alumnae Chapter elect a Communications/Social Media Chair, with primary responsibility for disseminating information to their Chapter Membership via social media.
  • It is the College’s policy that Alumnae Chapter members’ e-mail addresses will remain confidential and will not be sold or shared with any individual outside of chapter leadership. When sending emails use the “BCC” (blind copy) field to insert recipient email addresses.
  • It is recommended that the Chapter leadership create a new email address with the same handle as the Chapter’s Facebook page for ease in communication. Ex:
  • If the Chapter Co-Chairs decide to use a mass mailing initiative such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, the cost associated will be absorbed by the Chapter Co-Chairs and Communications/Social Media Chair.
  • In addition to the View from the Tower (VFTT) e-newsletter distributed monthly, Converse recommends that Chapter members receive no more than one e-mail from the Chapter each week.
  • The Chapter will not send any e-mail communication on the same day that View from the Tower is distributed. Unless otherwise notified, View from the Tower (VFTT) is distributed the first week of each month.

Guidelines for Social Media Utilization

  • When a Chapter event is scheduled, the Social Media/Communications Chair should notify the Alumnae Board liaison and Office of Alumnae Relations of the date/time and detail. The Chapter must request that their event information be posted on the Converse Alumnae social media outlets (official channels maintained by the College), up to twice per event via the Office of Alumnae Relations.
  • Inclusion in View from the Tower:  If Alumnae Chapters would like their events promoted via View From the Tower (VFTT) or on the College’s website, all details for the event must be sent to the Office of Alumnae Relations via email by the 15th of the month, prior to publication. For example, in order to be promoted in the January issue of the VFTT, information must be received by the College by December 15th.  It is the hope that all Chapter events will be highlighted in VFTT and on the College’s website.
  • The Social Media/ Communications Chair for each Chapter should create a Facebook page specifically for their Chapter.  The Facebook handle should be approved by the College and the Alumnae Board Liaison and TAPP Chair must be notified upon its creation. Facebook is a very effective means of communicating event information, and provides a no-cost avenue for distributing invitations and receiving attendance responses.
  • The Social Media/Communications Chair may also distribute information via Twitter and Instagram.  These methods are also effective communication tools for raising awareness about events, encouraging attendance and sharing photographs following events. The Instagram and/or Twitter handles must also be approved by the College and the TAPP Chair must be notified upon its creation.

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