Converse College for Women


Share your power; find your purpose

The Converse College for Women is an empowering living-learning community that focuses on mentorship, service, and leadership. As a sisterhood that spans more than one hundred and thirty years, our purpose is to live out our Founder’s Ideal to see clearly, decide wisely, and act justly. We do this through community events, engaging programming, women’s-centered courses, and traditions that unite us.

Housed within beautiful Pell Hall, the Converse College for Women is a powerful force within Converse University. Converse is a special place where our students experience deep scholarship, transformative mentorship, experiential learning, and a wonderful support for and belief in each other. At Converse College for Women, we intentionally build upon this unique formula as we work together to serve others, to support women and girls, and to empower each student to find their purpose and change their communities for good.

By taking Women’s College designated courses spread across your time at Converse, participating in our fun, monthly community events, and engaging in our annual traditions each year, you will:

  • Be welcomed into a sisterhood that spans more than 130 years;
  • Gain invaluable networking opportunities with passionate alumni who want to see you succeed;
  • Feel empowered through close mentorship and goal-setting that helps you achieve your dreams;
  • Find your place within the larger world through impactful service opportunities; and
  • Share your unique power through leadership within a community that supports you.

Meet the Dean of the Converse College for Women

“I embrace the larger mission of Converse, support our Founder’s Ideal, and am passionate about the power of a living and learning environment dedicated to empowering the next generation of female leaders.” – Dr. Chandra Owenby Hopkins

Chandra Owenby Hopkins

I have lived a life transformed by the incredible mentorship and empowerment that can come from a women’s college experience.

Dean of the Converse College for Women – Dr. Chandra Owenby Hopkins

Watch how Converse College for Women can provide you opportunities to learn, lead and serve:

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