Commuter Students

Commuter Students

Commuter Students

Converse understands that commuting students may have a variety of interests, experiences, and obligations outside of the College. These interests and obligations are recognized as important to the well-being and personal development of commuting students. Therefore, Converse offers many programs and activities on campus that commuting students find helpful and beneficial to a well-rounded college experience. Converse encourages all students to get involved in many aspects of campus and community life to fully develop skills and interests.

There are two classifications of commuting students: 1) traditional undergraduates and 2) Converse II. Traditional undergraduates are students under the age of 24 who choose to live with parents/legal guardians, maternal/paternal grandparents, or spouses in their permanent residence within a 35-mile radius of the College. Also, traditional undergraduate students with custodial children, and/or students who are married may reside off-campus. These students are required to abide by the same social and academic regulations as students residing on campus. Converse II is a program for women 24 years and older. Converse II students are expected to abide by the Honor System and all academic regulations.

Day Student Lounge
Day Student Lounge

Day Student Lounge. The lounge area is provided for commuting students and is located in the Montgomery Student Center Suite 210. It is a great place for having lunch, resting, socializing, meeting and studying throughout the day.

Exercise Facilities. Commuter students may use the physical exercise facilities located in Montgomery and in the Weisiger Center, the showers at any time, and the weight room and pool according to the hours posted each semester.

Mickel Library. With more than 160,800 physical resources and an inter-library loan system, Mickel Library provides access to virtually any book or article you may need. The Converse Writing Center on the 2nd floor is also a great resource for you, from helping to polish a research paper to proofing a senior thesis.

Get Involved. We encourage all of our students to attend and participate in our campus and athletic events. These are great opportunities to meet fellow students and show your Converse pride!

Voluntary Meal Plan Options. Commuter students are not required to have a meal plan but can add “Valkyries/Flex dollars” to their accounts. These Valkyries/Flex dollars can be used at Freshens and Gee Dining Room. You are also welcome to sign up for our voluntary meal plan options which offer you food and drink options at both Freshens and Gee Dining Room.

Child Care. No child care center is available on campus and babysitting is not permitted in the residence halls.

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