Honor Tradition

Honor Tradition

Hand Signing Honor Code

One of the proudest parts of the Converse heritage is the Honor Tradition. This tradition encompasses all areas of student life and is built on mutual trust and responsibility. When each student lives the principles of the Tradition, they help maintain an atmosphere of trust, not only among students, but also among administration, faculty, and students.

The Tradition embodies the Founder’s Ideal, that “the highest motives may become clear purposes and fixed habits of life.” Converse is committed to the concept that integrity is liberating and that in order “to see clearly, to decide wisely, to act justly,” knowledge and integrity must walk hand in hand.

The trust that results from the Tradition creates an open atmosphere while holding the student responsible for her own actions, as well as those of her fellow students.

Honor Pledge

Each student at Converse is asked to actively pledge allegiance to the Honor Tradition with the following pledge:

“I do solemnly pledge my honor that as long as I am a student at Converse College, I will faithfully uphold the principles of the Honor system, will cherish and guard its traditions, and will respect and observe its requirements. I make this pledge in view of the pledges of my fellow students, which signifies our mutual Trust and Resolve to keep our honor forever sacred.”

Each new student signs the Honor Pledge at a formal ceremony and this Pledge hangs in Wilson Hall during her experience at Converse. She is also required to sign her pledge, initials, on all graded work. This signifies she has received no help in her academic work.

The Honor Board

Honor Board functions as the student judicial body of Converse elected to handle violations of the Honor Tradition and makes for one-half of the legislative portion of the College’s self-governance. The Board exists in order to protect and preserve the student life whose foundation is one of mutual trust and responsibility. Honor Board has jurisdiction over cases such as, written and oral lying; failure to respect the property of others, which includes stealing, taking, damaging or destroying property; academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism; failure to report honor violations; and failure to serve imposed sanctions.

Converse College offices will be closed November 25 through November 27. Offices will reopen Monday, November 30 at 8:30 am.