Diversity, Community and Inclusion

Diversity, Community and Inclusion

Converse Community and Inclusion

At Converse we are committed to fostering diversity and celebrating differences, educating the community of the benefits of diversity, promoting equality, eliminating discrimination and advancing equal access to all opportunities. Converse offers cultural development opportunities grounded in social justice and inclusiveness for students, faculty, staff and community through a variety of programming and involvement. Through this, we strive to create a safe and supportive campus environment that encourages achievement and success for all.

On-Campus Organizations

Association of African American Students (AAAS) – The Association of African American Students (AAAS) is a student organization that gives African Americans a voice on a predominantly white campus of what it’s like to be black. It is an organization that cultivates community, belonging and affirms black culture. It’s a family.
Hispanic Awareness Association HAA – HAA is a student organization that promotes the recognition and involvement of Hispanic-Latinx students. The organization serves as a place to connect with other Hispanic-Latinx students at Converse as well as the Spartanburg community. The organization represents a place of unity and family.
Allies – Allies is a student organization for individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ and allies. The organization strives to create a safe, loving, and supportive environment LGBTQIA+ and their allies. They do this through cultivating diversity, encouraging acceptance, raising awareness, and creating a sense of community and belonging.
Diversity Advisory Committee –  In support of the college’s Diversity Strategic Plan, the Office of Community and Inclusion leads the college in creating and sustaining an inclusive learning, living , and work environment where all can feel that they are welcomed, valued and supported.  We do this through DAC, which is made of representatives of a cross-section of students, faculty and staff. This committee is lead by the Director of Community and Inclusion and reports directly to the President.

Converse’s Diversity Strategic Plan

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Meet the Team

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