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Converse Magazine has been revitalized from an annual publication to a streamlined mailer that is published multiple times a year with an expanded digital presence. This allows us to share the dynamic work happening on-and-off campus more frequently.

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Previous Magazine Issues

The Converse Magazine has long been a treasured source of the University’s most exciting news and events. Each year this publication has highlighted the innovative, creative, and transformative work of our community.


2023: Fall

2022: Fall

2021: Fall

2019: Fall

2018: Summer

2017: Summer

2016: Fall, Spring

2015: Fall


2014: Winter

2013: Fall, Winter

2012: Spring

2011: Fall, Spring

2010: Fall, Winter

2009: Winter

2008: Summer


2007: Spring, Summer

2006: Spring

2005: Summer, Fall, Winter

2004: Summer, Winter

2002: Summer, Winter, Spring

2001: Summer, Winter, Spring