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Young Women in Art

Converse College’s Department of Art and Design is accepting entries for the Young Women in Art Juried Exhibition for 2018. The exhibition provides a venue to recognize exemplary art works of young women in high school, while helping these students begin to prepare for a major in art. Entries must be received by 5 pm…
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Jessica Gilbert works on an art project during the filming of "Quiet Please..." at Converse College

Imagine the sound of someone sitting next to you noisily typing on a keyboard, tapping their foot repetitively or chewing loudly. Annoying, right? But for people who suffer from misophonia, such sounds can literally be debilitating. Misophonia is a neurologically based disorder that causes extreme negative reactions to sounds, with responses ranging from moderate discomfort…
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Academic Procession at Opening Convocation

The Converse community celebrated the formal opening of this academic year by gathering in Twichell Auditorium to hear from campus leaders, honor top scholarship recipients from the Class of 2021, present the Spirit of Converse Award, and enjoy beautiful performances by our Petrie School of Music students and faculty. The Pink Panther Class of 2018…
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Community News

Students create a tableau for Julie Jones social studies class

Dr. Julie Jones' ‘Social Studies for the Child’ class recently used arts-integrated tableaus, an innovative teaching tool, as part of an in-class activity. For this technique students depict scenes and recreate illustrations to help break down a story, identify the significant characters, and bring it to life. Teachers use this strategy to illustrate history, literature,…
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Kishni Neville is awarded Spirit of Ruth Patrick award

Kishni Neville ‘08 was recently honored with the Spirit of Ruth Patrick Award. Dr. Ruth Patrick was a world-renowned scientist who studied the South Carolina waterways for more than sixty years and pioneered the scientific groundwork for modern pollution control efforts. Kishni is a sixth-grade science teacher at Jackson STEM Middle School. Explore Elementary Education…
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Real Truffula Tree Andrea Elliott

Art Education Instructor and Converse grad Andrea Elliott '03 presented “The Secret Life of Pets: How to Teach Art History within the Elementary Art Curriculum,” at the annual Olde English Consortium Fine Arts Professional Development Conference. The theme this year was “Arts Transform the Future.” Professor Elliott said she used Dr. Seuss' The Lorax as…
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