Dear Converse Alumni:    

As president of the Converse Alumni Association, I reach out today on behalf of your Alumni Board with a clarion call for all who love Converse.    

The recent sad news of Sweet Briar's closing reminded your Board of how important it is for us as alumni to support our alma mater. Individually and collectively, we must show the world we believe in Converse.   

We have every reason to be proud of Converse and confident in her future. Recently, we’ve seen the success of our tuition reset, national visibility for championing college affordability, consistent increases in enrollment and retention, unprecedented student outcomes, new and renovated campus facilities, new academic programs, and exponential growth in athletics. As alumni, we play a critical role in Converse's future. Today, we ask you to join our campaign to Stand With Converse!    

Stand With Converse    

•  COME HOME for Reunion Weekend (open to ALL classes) on April 24-­‐25, and for other Converse events.     

•  GIVE every year to the Converse Annual Fund as an outward display of your belief in our mission.  

•  SHARE the distinctive Converse experience with others. Connect young women with our admission team or bring them for a campus visit. 

•  HIRE Converse alumni and MENTOR Converse students.    

•  TELL Converse  about  your career and life changes so they can keep in touch and share success stories. 

We challenge Converse alumni to take action on as many of these as possible before Reunion. Each time you act, let us know by posting to the Alumni Facebook page with #StandWithConverse.

Thank you for raising your voice, for living out the values that Converse exemplifies, and for your commitment and service to our College!    


Haidee Clark Stith ’76    

President, Converse Alumni Association