Music Therapy Grad Spotlighted in Heroes of Hospice Newsletter

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Music Therapy Grad Spotlighted in Heroes of Hospice Newsletter

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Bridget Brennan ’18 was featured in the ‘Heroes of Hospice’ issue of Compassion newsletter, published by the Trustbridge Foundation. Bridget has worked with the Trustbridge Hospice team, in the Bereavement and Music Therapy Department, since 2019.

Bridget was also spotlighted in South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel for her passion for music therapy and her approach to it during the pandemic.

Bridget said, “Music Therapy offers people connection during their final months of life, a time when they often feel alone. We use music to create emotional and physical support. It can create a sense of well- being, relieving pain, anxiety and depression. Its ability to reach people fosters relationships between our patients, their caregivers and family members. Music opens the door for connection, conversation, acceptance and understanding.”

Bridget joined Dr. Carol Shultis at the 2017 American Music Therapy Association conference in Missouri while she was a student at Converse.

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