Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Families today are concerned that rising tuition prices are putting a high-quality college education out of reach. Converse recently made national news with a bold move that made us not only one of the most affordable four-year private universities in the region, but also comparable in price to premier public universities nationwide. In 2014, Converse “reset” its tuition to $16,500, a 43% reduction from the 2013 tuition of $29,124. Learn more about the 2014-15 Tuition Reset.

2015-16 Tuition & Fees
Room & Board$  9,995

Due the higher cost of international programs, Chinese 2+2 students please refer to the Converse International School.


Additional fees may apply for courses that require specific labs, studio space or materials. All full-time, traditional undergraduate students are also required to pay a $350 annual fee to fund the Student Government Association. A full list of fees can be found in the Academic Catalog

A Private College Priced Like A Public

Converse is unique in providing a private college education at a public-university price. But that’s just the start. Our net cost drops even lower for students who receive scholarships and financial aid. Now, factor in that Converse students are twice as likely to graduate in four years than their peers at public institutions - meaning a year or more of savings for you.

Compare the real cost of a Converse education with the advantages and outcomes reported by our grads, and the takeaway is clear. In terms of both quality and cost, Converse offers unmatched value.

The Extras, at No Additional Cost

Our total price listed above also covers everything listed below:

  • free use of the laundry facilities located in each residence hall
  • registration fee
  • student activity fee
  • unlimited Internet access through campus network
  • e-mail
  • cable television hookup in each residence hall room
  • microfridge in each residence hall room
  • free local telephone service
  • a campus parking permit
  • health services, including counseling if needed
  • choice of meal plans
  • access to fitness center and indoor swimming pool
  • 24-hour emergency assistance through Converse Public Safety
  • a Converse College yearbook
  • free admission to on-campus athletic, cultural, and other events