Over 3,000 individuals have completed one or more of these graduate degrees at Converse. These degrees and their recipients are held in high regard by schools, communities and professional organizations.

Converse graduate programs are staffed both by the full-time faculty of the College and adjunct faculty who are practicing professionals with special expertise. Many of the courses are offered in the late afternoon and evening in order to accommodate the work schedule of an adult population, and an increasing number of courses and some programs are now available fully online. Students may complete their studies on either a full-time or part-time basis.

Graduate Programs - Education

Master's Degrees

Post Master's - Educational Specialist Degrees

Graduate Programs - Humanities, Arts and Professional Studies

Each student in a graduate degree program will have an academic adviser; the Office of Graduate Studies will be happy to provide interested candidates with catalogs, applications and related materials.

Helpful information is also available in the Graduate Studies Handbook. You can also check out our courses to see what's available.