Doctorate in Professional Leadership

Doctorate in Professional Leadership

Professional leadership doctorate studentsThe Doctorate in Professional Leadership (EdD) at Converse College is a 60-hour doctoral program designed for individuals across a variety of fields who seek a terminal degree. This degree will focus on the application of leadership in a variety of contexts, and is appropriate for individuals in a broad range of professional roles.

Degree Offered

  • EdD in Professional Leadership

Classes may be taken on the Converse campus or at our alternate location at the University Center of Greenville (UCG).

The Doctorate in Professional Leadership (EdD) at Converse College is designed for working professionals who are available to dedicate one night a week throughout the academic year and several days each summer session to create and maintain a cohort support group and contact with a faculty mentor. The dissertation will be built into the coursework.

Versatile and competitively priced, built around a cohort model for collegial support, the Converse doctorate in Professional Leadership will enhance credentials in a variety of fields and venues.

Candidates who finish their coursework and successfully complete comprehensive examinations will finish their degree in the third spring semester. The six-hour capstone course will be focused on editing and defense of the already developed dissertation.


Dissertation is embedded in the course work. For example, PLP 820, Current Issues in Leadership, taken early in the program, leads to the choice of a dissertation topic and the writing of Chapter One–Identification of the Problem. Subsequent courses lead to Chapter Two, the Literature Review; Chapter Three, Methodology; Chapter four, Analysis of Findings; Chapter five, Summary and Recommendations. The final semester Capstone Course provides an opportunity to review, edit, and defend the completed dissertation.

More reasons to choose Converse:

Veteran Faculty: Our faculty have extensive experience and are active as researchers, clinicians, and leaders in their fields.

Convenience: Earn your degree from Converse on our campus or at our alternate campus in Greenville at the University Center of Greenville. Students will be advised by cohort initially.  A program orientation will be held after admissions are finalized.  Each cohort will have a lead faculty member for year one and then cohort members will choose an advisor as they decide their dissertation topics and set up their committees

Degree Prestige and Value: Since 1890, Converse College has provided students with distinctive education rooted in the liberal arts. Our graduates are principled and productive citizens capable of creative thinking and problem solving and are well prepared for their chosen profession.

Your degree path for the EdD in Professional Leadership will begin in the fall of the academic year, requiring three academic years and two full summers to complete the program with a course load of six credit hours per academic session (including fall, spring, summer I, and summer II). Courses will be paired in focus each semester, with one course meeting in person one night a week, and one course available online.

Courses include traditional areas such as leadership, management, and personnel theory as well as innovative courses in entrepreneurialism and legislative decision making.  Five courses plus the capstone include production of, editing of, and defense of the traditional 5-chapter dissertation.

Deadline for Completed Application and Materials: July 1

Students can qualify for the early decision deadline without providing official MAT scores at the time of application, but scores must be provided before the July 1 deadline.

For consideration of admission, the applicant must submit the following:

1. Complete the Doctorate in Professional Leadership Application Form, including the $40 application fee.
2. Send official transcripts from degree granting institutions including completion of a master’s degree from an accredited institution.
3. Send official scores from the Miller Analogies Test (MAT).
4. Two professional letters of recommendation. Download the recommendation form here
5. *A personal statement

* Your personal statement should be approximately one page (250 – 300 words). Describe either an experience that prompted you to seek entrance into the degree program to which you are applying OR your reasons for wanting to enter the degree program. In keeping with the Honor Tradition at Converse, your essay must be entirely your own work and must indicate by proper documentation any ideas or words that come from another source. Organize your essay clearly, proofread and spell-check your essay carefully. Your essay should include your personal reflection on the value of a degree in your field and more specifically, the EdD program at Converse.

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