Three Seniors Offered Full-time Positions with Ford

Three Seniors Offered Full-time Positions with Ford

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Three Converse seniors have been offered full-time positions with Ford Motor Company in Nashville, Tennessee and Tampa, Florida.

McKayla Davis ‘19, Jacqueline Torres ‘19 (Nisbet Honors), and Alexis Turner ’19 (Nisbet Honors) were all offered positions in Ford Credit’s Leadership Development Program.

Converse’s Career Development Office recently partnered with Ford and coordinated an information session where students learned about their two-year leadership development program.

Ford Credit’s Leadership Development Program is a rigorous introduction to the automotive financing industry.

Photo of Alexis Turner
Alexis Turner

Participants are exposed to a range of finance-related positions which builds a foundation for advancement within Ford Credit by strengthening skills in customer service, team management, business development and financial analysis.

The two-year rotational program gives participants the opportunity to work within three different departments, preparing them for leadership roles.

Getting a position with Ford is not for the faint of heart. The lengthy process required not only a formal application and interview but also two comprehension exams, a talent competition and a final interview.

“We had less than a week to send in a formal application with our intent & resume,” Alexis Turner said. “We took two comprehension exams – one in math, one in reading analysis. If you score high enough, then they will consider you for a phone interview.”

“After making it through the phone interview, Ford Credit paid to fly me and many others to Nashville, all expenses paid by them, to do a group interview at their Nashville headquarters,” McKayla Davis said.

Photo of Jacqueline Torres
Jacqueline Torres

“The interview started off with a group assessment, seeing how well we could work with others, then we had individual interviews with two people within Ford Credit, and finished with a tour of the business center.”

McKayla credits Converse’s faculty for helping her prepare for this opportunity. “I believe that without the help of numerous different people at Converse, including Dr. Young and the entire business department, an opportunity like this would not have been possible. I will forever be grateful to everyone at Converse who helped prepare me for the next stage in life.”

Jacqueline Torres also credits her time at Converse for preparing her both a professionally and personally for this opportunity. As Converse’s current Model Programs Head Delegate, Jacqueline was well prepared for the group exercise aspect of the interview process. “I felt that this was my time to shine,” Jacqueline said. “I believe I really showcased my ability to communicate effectively, problem solve, and mediate.”

I am thankful to my professors for encouraging me to take a chance and explore outside my comfort zone.

Jacqueline explained that the candidates were given a case study prior to flying out to Nashville. They were advised to be ready to discuss and debate their approach to the case study issue and develop a solution within small groups.

“Converse College has been essential in my development as a leader, Jacqueline said. “I noticed how the men interviewing were aggressive but not really good mediators, and some of the women were great problem solvers, but not necessarily great communicators.

I believe I had the skills and confidence to be a bridge between the two. This is not the career plan I originally planned to take, but I am thankful to my professors for encouraging me to take a chance and explore outside my comfort zone.”

Photo of McKayla Davis
McKayla Davis

Alexis also praises her participation in Model Programs for helping her prepare for the interview.

She said, “Converse was absolutely amazing in preparing me – first by giving me the opportunity to apply, but also by having Model League to help with how I could debate, defend my ideas, and interview individually, which were the core elements of the Talent Competition.

Without Model League & Dr. Dunn, I would not have been able to defend my changes I brought forth for the simulation, nor would I feel as comfortable standing alone in front of people wanting to hire me.

Being a math major also helped me bring a more analytical side to the normal business-speak – every single person I competed against was some form of business major, whereas I was Math & Computer Science. Alongside that, Converse gave me the opportunity to be a social media and marketing intern for their admissions department, which gave me valuable knowledge in how I could be an asset to Ford with marketing, especially to the younger generation.”

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