Lawson Academy Student Wins Recording Contract

Lawson Academy Student Wins Recording Contract

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Logen Hall, a junior at Dorman High School, has been a part of the Lawson Academy program for eleven years. She won a national singing and acting competition on the reality web series “Talent: The Casting Call,” which landed her both a recording contract with Jive Records and a starring role in “Talent,” an upcoming dramatic web series created and produced by Alloy Entertainment. “I remember back when I was five years old and all I wanted to do was sing,” Logen said, “so my mom enrolled me in the Fine Arts Day Camp the summer before my 1st grade year. I took two great things from the experience at camp that summer; one, getting my first taste of the world of music, and two, meeting the woman that would end up being my vocal coach until this very day.”

The person Logen is referring to is Cathy Siarris, a woman who Logen has extreme respect and admiration for. “Cathy has become one of the most influential and inspirational women in my life,” Logen commented. “She taught me how to sing, how to love what you sing and how to love performing. I saw that I always had it in me to be a performer and to become a successful singer one day, but truthfully, the Lawson Academy gave me the confidence to put myself out there and make my name known.”

Kelly Hall, Logen’s mother, agrees with her daughter. “I’ve watched Cathy help children find their voice and confidence in expressing themselves through music. Logen steps on stage to sing for others, not for herself. She loves music and the emotional connection she experiences with her audience through singing. I attribute that to years spent under Cathy’s guidance.”

Logen’s talent is immense and will only continue to grow throughout her singing career. She’s a prime example that persistance and hard work can produce positive results, and that dreams do come true.

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