Converse College EconomicsAre you fascinated by complex and interconnected systems? Do you like to see the relationships between people, money, and goods? Do you want to understand how people make decisions and
weigh courses of action?

Economics studies the production and distribution of goods, and the transfer of wealth. It deals with issues of abundance and scarcity, decision making, financial systems and quantitative analysis.

Degrees Offered

  • BS in Economics
  • BA in Economics
  • Minor in Economics

About Economics

Economics majors often get great paying jobs. Cited by Forbes as one of the “Most Lucrative College Majors,” Economics is one of the fastest-growing majors in the nation.  The entry-level salary for an Economics graduate can be higher than any other major but engineering, according to CNN, Payscale, and In contrast to business-oriented majors such as accounting, management and marketing, economics is not an occupation-specific major. Studying economics will give you a “big picture” perspective on business and the economy.

  • Great local and regional internship opportunities
  • Build your resume and experience through local service learning projects
  • Unique, interdisciplinary approach to coursework
  • Opportunities to gain international experience through travel and research

Emily Lauren and Miss KellyTravel

Understanding cultural differences is all-important in global economics. And what better way to learn than by visiting another country? We highly encourage our economics students to take advantage of our unique Jan Term travel opportunities or spend a whole semester abroad.

On a recent trip, students studied Japanese business management as well as experiencing the social customs of Japanese culture in a summer partnership with Fukushima College.

Other travel courses include:

  • Ireland – The Celtic Tiger: Modern Irish Economics in Literature
  • London – In Defense of Globalization
  • Cuban – The Cuban Economy
  • Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands – Tourism and the Environment
  • Costa Rica – Ecotourism and Sustainable Development Practices in Costa Rica


Converse faculty enjoy spending time with students in and out of the classroom.

One Friday in January, a course on the economics of Harry Potter brought students and faculty out for a game of Quidditch.

The Economics major is designed to provide you with an understanding of market processes and institutions, as well as policies and laws that affect economic activity. Economics also provides a strong foundation for the study of law. The department offers either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science with an Economics major. You can also receive a Minor in Economics.

Sample Courses

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Economic Problems of Developing Countries
  • Harry Potter and the Dismal Science
  • Movies and Money
  • Economics and the Great Depression
  • Micro and Macro Economic Principles
  • Money and Financial Institutions

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics

Graduating with a BA in Economics, you will have a basic understanding of economic institutions like the Federal Reserve, the working of markets, the nature of market structures, and the linkages in the world economy. Our faculty will help you produce business writing that meets professional standards and deliver a professional oral presentation. You will understand basic research methodology and will be prepared for a job in both the public and private sectors. Converse’s Economics BA will also prepare you for master’s level studies in economics or related fields.

BA in Economics Major Worksheet

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics

In addition to the coursework associated with a BA in Economics, if you earn a BS in Economics, you will also understand the mathematical foundation of key economic principles and models. The difference between a BA and a BS degree is the level of quantitative analysis. Students planning on going to graduate school are encouraged to consider a BS degree.

BS in Economics Major Worksheet

Minor in Economics

An Economics minor will complement most any major at Converse, not only those offered within the department (Business Administration and Accounting) but a wide variety of others as well, such as Politics, History, Psychology, Math, Theatre, Religion, Philosophy, Music, Art and Interior Design. From understanding how private industries and public institutions function to why individual consumers make purchasing decisions, choosing a minor in Economics will give you a framework for viewing modern society. A minor also enhances critical thinking and analytical skills, which are helpful for jobs in any business.

Economics Minor Worksheet

Economics Concentration, Business Administration Major

The Business Administration major is designed to provide you with a broad understanding of the way businesses operate.With the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics, you will come to understand the workings of markets and the economy, learn about the global factors influencing business, and be able to correctly identify business and economic problems and their constraints. Converse’s Business Administration BS with an Economics concentration will also prepare you for master’s level studies in business administration or related fields. Learn more about our BA in Business Administration.

For full course requirements, see the academic catalog.

What are common careers in Economics?

  • Education: College professor, Researcher, High school teacher
  • Journalism: Researcher, Industry analyst, Economic analyst
  • Banking: Credit analyst, Loan officer, Investment analyst, Financial manager
  • Other: Economist, Business consultant, Entrepreneur, Certified Financial Planner

What are Economics grads doing?

Our economics graduates are currently working for a wide variety of businesses or in local, state or the federal government. Some are also in graduate school or law school, as it is widely recognized that economics provides one of the best backgrounds for the study of law.

Grad Schools

  • Wake Forest University
  • Georgia State University
  • University of Mississippi
  • Georgetown University
  • The University of South Carolina
  • University of Texas
  • The University of Georgia
  • Clemson University
  • National University of Singapore


  • Policy & Oversight Chief, U.S. Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP)
  • Associate Service Fellow at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA
  • Funding Manager, American Credit Acceptance, Spartanburg, SC
  • Tax Associate, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLC

Economics Stories

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