MarketingAre you creative, outgoing, persuasive and practical? Are you fascinated by the reasons why people buy things? Do you wonder how and why new products enter the marketplace?

Consider studying Marketing at Converse. From customer service to advertising to sales, Marketing provides a myriad of options in the business world. Understanding the fundamentals of Marketing will complement any profession you choose to pursue.

Degrees Offered

About Marketing

Marketing is the art and science of people buying and selling things. The study of marketing will allow you to develop excellent written and verbal communication, critical thinking and analytical skills. Marketing is a practical and career-oriented track that requires logic and creativity. Helpful personality traits in this field include an outgoing personality, the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively, a competitive spirit, and sensitivity. Sound like you? Read on!

  • Great local and regional internship opportunities
  • Our professors are real world practitioners turned educators
  • Hands-on learning through case studies with real companies
  • Build your resume and experience through local service learning projects

Hands-On Projects

Many marketing courses include opportunities for you to apply skills on projects for local businesses, nonprofit organizations and campus offices.  Recently our students worked to:

  • Create integrated marketing communications plans for a nonprofit and small local businesses
  • Conduct marketing research studies for the Converse Annual Fund and local small businesses


Do you want to graduate with a resume filled with work experience?  At Converse, you will have the opportunity for internships at local and regional companies.

Hailey Hodge double-majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Studio Art. She was able to land two internships by integrating and applying the skills she learned in both her areas of interest. Hailey said of her internship at a local branding and marketing firm: “The managers at Whipp were impressed by how I was making connections between the business side and the art side of advertising.”

As a Marketing student you will assess consumer behavior, learn about the distribution of goods and services, understand how to conduct market research and learn to develop and analyze marketing, advertising, sales, branding and communications plans. When you graduate, you will be able to define target markets and understand purchase decision processes and the influences upon them. You will be familiar with the marketing research process, including research design, data collection and analysis. Finally, you will feel comfortable analyzing and developing marketing, branding and communications plans. All these skills will allow you to seamlessly transition to a variety of jobs in the business world.

Sample Courses

  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Arts Management
  • Integrated Marketing Communications

Marketing Minor

The Marketing minor will help you understand the core elements of marketing and the related fields of professional writing and graphic design. It will complement nearly any major you choose at Converse. Every business or organization values employees who are able to clearly articulate, both in writing and graphically, their mission, brand or products.

Marketing Minor Worksheet

Marketing Concentration, Business Administration Major

The Business Administration major is designed to provide you with a broad understanding of the way businesses operate. Converse’s Business Administration BA with a concentration in Marketing will help you gain a thorough understanding of how to manage people, strategy  and day-to-day operations as well as become an excellent communicator and analytical thinker. It will also prepare you for master’s level studies in business administration or related fields. Learn more about our BA in Business Administration.

BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Major Worksheet

For full course requirements, see the academic catalog.

What are common careers in Marketing?

  • Sales representatives
  • Brand or product management
  • Fundraising and nonprofit management
  • Advertising account executive
  • Public relations specialists

What are Marketing alumni doing?

Our alumni are currently working for a wide variety of businesses or in local, state or the federal government. Some are also in graduate school or business school.


  • Marketing Account Manager at bChannels, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Territory Manager at GraceDirect, Charleston, SC
  • EC Customer Service Representative, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, Spartanburg, SC
  • Associate Publisher of The Real Estate Book of Asheville/Hendersonville & NC Blue Ridge, Hendersonville, NC

Marketing Stories

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