Dancers rehearse at ConverseDo you love music and movement? Are you passionate about learning about choreography, music theory, and the physical capabilities of the human body? Are you ready to develop problem-solving skills that will translate to a myriad of professions?

Consider studying Dance, the art of rhythmic human movement to music.

Degree Offered

  • Minor in Dance

About Dance

The study of dance includes understanding principles of music, movement, and the history of dance in our culture. Within the study of dance, you can explore many forms of the artistic medium, including jazz, ballet, tap, modern and dance for musical theatre.  Dance is a very technical field, both physically and theoretically. Studying and training as a dancer can help you foster strong communication and nonverbal skills, problem-solving expertise and teamwork. Due to the rigors of dance study, you will become more organized, detail oriented and highly disciplined. You will also have a lot of fun!

We teach and inspire our dance students by sharing rigorous scholarship, unique studio process, and transformative live performances. Our primary focus in the classroom, in rehearsal, and in live performance is to give student artists opportunities and support to succeed. Join us and find your light!

DanceAs a dancer at Converse, you will have the opportunity to perform in the Dance Converse ensemble, showcasing the talents of our student dancers and choreographers.

Every year, Dance Converse explores a new theme tied to the School of the Arts’ artistic theme for the year.

Dance courses may be taken as electives by anyone interested in dance, or you may choose to minor in dance.

In introductory technique courses, you’ll improve your technique in specific genres, enhance your visual skills, spatial awareness, rhythm, and creativity. In intermediate courses, you will continue to build on these skills, and begin to focus on techniques necessary for the particular genre being studied. In advanced level courses, you’ll gain a deeper understanding and exploration of a genre. You’ll also gain experience through improvisation, compositional studies and different styles within the genre.

Sample Courses

  • Alexander Technique
  • Composition
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Modern Dance

Minor in Dance

As a Dance Minor at Converse, you will take a minimum of 18 hours, with Composition History of Dance being 6 of those credit hours. With the remainder of the hours you are encouraged to take a variety of technique classes in jazz, ballet, tap and modern dance. You will have the chance to set your own choreography for performance through your Junior and Senior projects.

You must audition and be accepted into the dance minor. Auditions are held in both fall and spring semesters.

Dance Minor Worksheet

What are common careers in Dance?

  • Dancer
  • Choreographer
  • Educator (children’s theater, high school, college)
  • Dance Therapist

Dance Stories

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