Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

At Converse, we believe nurturing the spiritual life is an integral part of your college experience. Through the Chaplain’s Office we offer a wide variety of experiences designed to foster and support spiritual growth.

In the Founder’s Ideal, Dexter Edgar Converse, desired “that the instruction and influence of Converse College be always such that the students may be enabled to see clearly, to decide wisely, and to act justly” within the context of a college that is “always truly religious, but never denominational” and “to be liberally and tolerantly Christian.” To that end we have a diverse array of student groups who offer programming for our students and extend gracious hospitality and generous respect to persons from all religious traditions.

Meet the Chaplain

The Religious Life program is overseen by the Reverend Jason Loscuito, College chaplain, and ordained Baptist minister. Jason completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Samford University and his Master of Theological Studies degree at The Boston University School of Theology. He is married to Chamlee McGuire Loscuito and they have a daughter, Abigail.

Jason seeks to provide spiritual and intellectual guidance to a diverse faith community of students, faculty, and staff through worship, pastoral care, dialogue and counseling. The Founder’s Ideal sets forth the “desire and hope that Converse College always be truly religious, but never denominational…to be really, but liberally and tolerantly, Christian.” Jason works with students, faculty, and staff to offer a variety of programs and events, which emphasizes the vitality of faith and learning, examines challenging ethical and social issues, raises awareness of and celebrates differences, and fosters greater knowledge and understanding of all religious and spiritual development.

Faith-focused Clubs & Organizations

Converse has many faith-focused clubs to help students along their spiritual journeys. Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) and the UKirk Ministries (PCUSA) provide full-time campus ministers whose outreach include Converse, Wofford, the University of South Carolina Upstate, and Spartanburg Methodist College. The Newman Club (Catholic) is led by Converse students and supported by local parish priests. Voices of Virtue is a student gospel choir. Jewish students can find fellowship and support at the Temple B’Nai Israel located close to the campus and should contact the Chaplain if they would like assistance in locating the temple or meeting the Rabbi. Any student wishing to start a new club or reactivate an inactive club should contact the Chaplain.

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