Academic Support & Success

Academic Support & Success

Student Support

Converse believes in the close interaction between students and faculty both in and outside the classroom. This relationship forms the foundation for your academic success. You should make sure to talk with your adviser about academic aspirations, questions, and concerns. You should also go talk to your professors when you have questions in a course you are taking. In addition to the faculty, there are many other administrators, staff, peers, and resource programs that are here to support you in your academic progress.

The Division for Student Development and Success provides a one-stop location for students looking for resources and help as they strive to achieve their academic goals. It offers tutoring, academic accommodations, special programs and events, and one-on-one consultation. In the spirit of the College’s commitment to individual attention, the center strives to support the unique strengths, learning styles and needs of every student.

Academic Advising

Students who are undeclared or who might be considering a change in major will find that our staff can provide general advising to explore options, interests, and talents that guide choosing a major and help in determining life goals. Students may bring all types of advising questions and issues to the Student Development and Success office in Montgomery 205, which serves as the headquarters of the campus-wide advising system.


The tutoring program is available to all undergraduate students at Converse, free of charge. Tutors are available in most entry-level courses. Course offerings and tutoring times are posted each semester on MyConverse.

PRAXIS Preparation

Working closely with the School of Education, we offer one-on-one counseling and practice tests for students preparing for the teaching exams.

Baldridge Reading Program

Is reading quickly with good comprehension a concern of yours? Overwhelmed by hours upon hours of reading and feeling as though you’re not getting anywhere?

Baldridge Reading & Study Skills has the answers!

  • You’ll learn many life-long skills that can be applied in every situation: read faster, improve comprehension, save time, strengthen concentration, take better notes, increase retention.
  • Use your own books while learning new techniques! Sessions are offered in fall.

The students who participated in the Baldridge Program:

  • Improved their average comprehension by 69.53% (from an average of 45.94% to 77.88%).
  • Improved their average reading rate by 99% (from 254 words-per-minute to 505 w.p.m.!).

Contact Information:

Office: Montgomery 205
Phone: 864.596.9016

Meet the Team

Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center
Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Converse II
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