Career Development Plan

Career Development Plan

Career Planing

Career Roadmap: Discovering purpose. Launching a Plan.

The Center offers services and programs to advance Converse students towards success in academic, personal, and professional areas. The Center aims to develop interdisciplinary skills through out-of-class experiences to help build professional tools for life after Converse.

  • Stop by The Center for Career Development to understand the valuable resources offered and visit with staff members to discuss your major and career plans
  • Visit the student representatives from our office, the Career Peers, to gain knowledge and resources that will be offered throughout the year
  • Take FOCUS II assessments to learn more about yourself and how interests, skills, personality, and values connect to a career (Access Code: valkyries)
  • Participate in the Student Success Seminar (SSS) and First-Year Seminar (FYS) to enhance your collegiate experience
  • Register for the Career Exploration Course (CON 101) in the Spring to help develop your career direction
  • Join a club/organization on campus to build your skill set and further understand your interests
  • Volunteer within the community to better understand opportunities and further invest in your experience and your career plan
  • Create a resume on  Optimal Resume and have it reviewed by a staff member
  • Create a  LinkedIn profile and join the  Converse College Alumnae/i Network
  • We hold a variety of workshops throughout the academic year to help further your career development and make the most of the next 4 years
  • Look for summer jobs, or volunteer/internship opportunities on Purple Briefcase
  • Take a variety of courses to gain a wide range knowledge and skills
  • Start to network with professors, advisers, staff members and administrators
  • Consider a student employment opportunity to learn professional skills you can transfer to your future career while earning money and building your network
  • Contact Sabrina Wilson to schedule an appointment with a Center for Career Development staff member to discuss your career direction and experiential learning opportunities
  • Update resume on Optimal Resume  and have it reviewed by a staff member
  • Update and review your social media profiles
  • Go on an informational interview or job shadow someone in careers that interest you
  • Research careers in FOCUS II to better understand the different opportunities available
  • Attend on-campus employer information sessions, Graduate School Fair, and Career Week
  • Begin to research study abroad options
  • Participate in career related workshops and presentations
  • Investigate and join professional associations within your career interest
  • Deepen involvement on campus and in the community to continue building your resume
  • Use the  Converse College Alumnae/i Network to further gain advice and possible options available to you
  • Practice interviewing in the Center by setting up a mock interview
  • Attend the Internship Expo to see past internship experiences and check out available options on Purple Briefcase
  • Consider a student employment opportunity to learn professional skills you can transfer to your future career while earning money and building your network
  • Make an appointment with Cathy Gowan to discuss and plan an internship experience
  • Update resume and create a cover letter on Optimal Resume to ready it for an internship experience
  • Continue to prepare your professional documents and skills to enter job market (LinkedIn and connect with Converse College Alumnae/i Network)
  • Conduct a mock interview with a staff member in the Center
  • Attend career fairs to network with employers (SCICU Career Fair, Graduate School Fair)
  • Establish a networking list and begin making connections in your career field
  • Attend workshops to gain information on job search strategies and utilizing LinkedIn
  • Begin researching graduate schools if planning on attending graduate school and take GRE, GMAT, or LSAT if needed
  • Attend our Graduate School Week and Career Week events
  • Participate in a Study Abroad trip
  • Begin searching for a second internship for the summer before Senior year or for Senior year on Purple Briefcase
  • Meet with the Center’s staff to plan your job search
  • Gain a second internship experience to further develop your experience and resume on  Purple Briefcase
  • Attend skills-building workshops
  • Update your resume on  Optimal Resume
  • Develop a cover letter and list of references
  • Join a professional organization in your field
  • Attend career fairs as a way to network with employers ( SCICU, Education Fair)
  • Learn market trends and salary expectations for your industry and career of interest
  • Develop a career/job search portfolio including updating your LinkedIn account
  • Update your networking list and begin to use it to connect with possible job openings
  • Apply to Graduate School and Graduate Assistant opportunities
  • Complete Graduate Survey to inform office of plans after graduation