Transfer Students

Transfer Students

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Set Your Vision for the Future

Converse students are determined, passionate, and diverse. You could be one of them! Converse has articulation agreements with schools in South Carolina, including Spartanburg Methodist College, Greenville Technical College, and Spartanburg Community College, which makes transferring your credits easy!

Wherever you are in your college studies, we are ready to work with you so that your transfer experience is a smooth one.

Completing your application is the first step to starting your journey at Converse. The process is simple, quick, and free.

  1. Complete your online application. You can also apply through the Common Application.
  2. Complete the Transfer Student Information Form with the help of your current institution’s registrar or dean of students: Transfer Student Information Form
  3. You must provide a high school transcript if you have not successfully completed a two-year program.
  4. If you’re interested in majoring in music, musical theatre, theatre, or art and design, you’ll also need to schedule an audition. See more information below.

Important Dates

September 1st – Apply
Apply to Converse as early as September 1st for the following fall and send us your college transcript. The sooner you apply, the greater consideration you’ll have for scholarships.

October 1st – Complete Your FAFSA
Beginning October 1st you can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). More information about the FAFSA and financial aid is available through the Office of Financial Planning.

May 1st – National Decision Day
After you’ve been admitted, you’ll need to send your enrollment deposit. Submitting this deposit sooner helps prepare you for the fall, but we will continue to accept applications and deposits into the summer.

July 1st – Application Priority Date
Your completed application with transcripts should be sent to us no later than July 1st. Applications for the fall may close after this day.

Spring Enrollment

September 1st – Apply and send us your FAFSA
If you are interested in transferring mid-year, be sure to complete your application, send us your transcripts and your FAFSA so that we can process your application quickly.

January 5th – Deposit Deadline
If you are interested in enrolling for Spring, submit your deposit at any time after being admitted. Registration for classes begins right after you submit your deposit.

A visit to Converse is the most authentic way to experience campus life. Immerse yourself in our vibrant, diverse community and get a close-up look at an affordable, top-ranked private college. We believe this experience is such a meaningful part of getting to know Converse that we’ll reimburse you up to $200 for your trip through our travel voucher.

Schedule a Visit

We invite you to schedule a visit to learn about the admissions process and financial aid, tour campus (in person or online) and talk with an admissions counselor.

Attend an Event

We are excited for you to meet our faculty, engage with current students and check out life on campus. We are committed to offering you every opportunity to get to know Converse and imagine yourself as a student here. Events may look different these days, but we are sure that our vibrant campus life, the dedication of our exceptional faculty and the opportunities that Converse has for you will be evident no matter what the platform!

Travel Vouchers

We don’t want anything to stand in the way of you getting to experience Converse. Request a travel voucher* before or after you schedule an individual or Open House visit and we will reimburse you up to $200 for mileage, lodging, and/or airfare.

Request a Travel Voucher

  • Unfortunately, travel vouchers cannot be used by prospective student-athletes attending as part of an official visit. Please contact your coach or Admissions Counselor if you have questions.

Since our tuition reset in 2014, Converse provides you with a private college education at a public university price.

2021-2022 Tuition, Room and Board
Full-Time Tuition and Fees $19,500
Room and Board $11,948
Total $31,448

Tuition, room and board goes further at Converse with many benefits such as included laundry, cable TV, and micro-fridges that you’d pay extra for at other colleges. However, students are responsible for some additional fees including Student Government Association, laboratory or studio costs, private music lessons, and others. You can find a full schedule of fees in the current academic catalog.

Scholarships and Aid

Academic Scholarships
By completing your application on-time, you’re automatically considered for academic scholarships based on your college records.* These scholarships are renewable for four years and supported by the generous gifts of donors.

Scholarship Score
$4,000 3.5 +
$3,000 3.0 - 3.49
$1,000 2.5 - 2.99

  • If you are transferring as a music major from a NASM accredited school of music to the Petrie School of Music, these awards may not apply.

Converse Scholars Days
Admitted students with strong academic profiles will be invited to a Converse Scholars Day. Qualified students must be admitted to the college prior to November 1st or February 1st to receive an invitation to Converse Scholars Day. In addition to meeting top faculty and other Converse Scholars, you may receive additional academic scholarships in varying amounts, including full tuition and full comprehensive scholarships. These scholarships are awarded based on a faculty or staff interview as well as your merit, extra-curricular activities and community involvement.

Talent Scholarships for Athletics, Music, and the Arts
We appreciate the many talents you bring to Converse! If you’re going to be competing as a Valkyrie for one of our 11 NCAA II Division sports, contact your coach about potential scholarships. And, if you’re interested in studying music, musical theatre, theatre, or art & design, see information below about auditioning and additional aid.

State and Federal Awards
You may qualify for a wide range of merit and/or need-based awards from South Carolina or the Department of Education. Learn more about these awards through the Office of Financial Planning to find out how we can make your Converse education accessible and affordable.

We want you to get the most from your experience. When you submit your official transcripts as part of the application process, we’ll review them to see which courses we can apply to your degree progress at Converse. Not all courses will transfer, but those in which you earned a “C-” or higher and which are equivalent to courses offered at Converse can often be counted for non-GPA credit and possibly fulfill General Education or degree requirements.

Articulation Agreements

Converse has partnered with several colleges and universities to setup agreements of credit transfer. If you’d like more information about our agreement with Spartanburg Community College, review the PDFs below to see how your credits can transfer.

You can also use the worksheet to see how the agreement above transfers credit toward Converse’s General Education Program (GEP) that is required of all majors.

Transfer Policy

Converse will review course work for transfer from institutions which are actively accredited by agencies recognized by the Department of Education. Coursework must be of at least equal academic rigor and cover sufficiently similar topics to be considered for transfer, and a grade of a C- or higher must have been achieved. Syllabi, course catalogs, or other documentation may be necessary and must be supplied by the student on request to make the appropriate determination of credit articulation. For more information, please consult the current academic catalog.

Is your vision to develop your talents as an artist or performer? Converse School of the Arts (SOA) may be the answer to your quest. Transfer students are invited to compete for talent-based scholarships in Art, Dance, Music, Musical Theatre and Theatre. To be admitted into the Petrie School of Music, auditions are required.

Audition and Portfolio Dates
01/25/2020 Music
02/14/2020 Art, Music, Theatre & Dance
03/21/2020 Art, Theatre & Dance
04/17/2020 Art, Music, Theatre & Dance

Audition and Portfolio Review Process

1. Complete your application for admission to Converse.

2. Submit the audition/portfolio application for your specific area of interest:
Theatre & Dance
Musical Theatre
Art Portfolio Review

3. Submit a teacher recommendation letter 1 week prior to your audition or portfolio review date.
More details are listed on your audition application form.

4. Attend your audition or portfolio review
The dates above have been set aside for students to audition or have their portfolios reviewed. In some cases, you may be able to schedule an individual date if you are unable to attend a scheduled audition event. You may also be able to submit a recording or off-campus review.

Your personal Admissions Counselor is waiting to hear from you! Find your counselor, get in touch, and let us tell you about our personal experience with Converse and when we’ll be visiting your area!


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