People of Converse

People of Converse

If you want a sense of what it’s really like to call Converse home, the best ways to find out are to come visit our campus and to meet the people who love Converse, live Converse, and credit Converse with helping them find their voice, value, and vision. Below are some of their stories.

Meet Our Students and Alumni

Converse students and alumni are known for their initiative, ability and commitment to excellence. They are creative, well-rounded problem solvers and communicators who have a clear understanding of the value they bring to the world. But don’t just take our word for it – read a few of their stories and see for yourself!

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Converse faculty and staff are actively engaged on campus and in the Spartanburg community. We hope you will get to know our people and the amazing things they do. Looking for the Directory?

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