Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors

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Members of the Converse College Board of Visitors (BOV) serve as an extension of the Institutional Advancement Department of Converse College. The BOV is an advocate for the College to various constituencies aiding in the communication of institutional goals. The BOV assists in the development of the College by advising the President or his/her designee and other administrative officials.

The BOV members serve as interpreters of the College to specific groups and report to the College the reactions of the general public and/or specific publics with which each member is associated in business or community life. With guidance from Institutional Advancement and support from the Office of Alumnae Relations, the Board’s focus is upon efforts to prepare students for life after Converse through experiential learning and professional development opportunities, both on and off campus. The BOV promotes community awareness, visibility, and exposure of the Converse brand.