Arts Management

Arts Management

Arts ManagementDo you love being around musicians, painters, filmmakers or artists? Are you highly organized with a passion for creativity? Do you want to empower artists of all types to succeed in their chosen career?

Consider a career in Arts Management, the business of the arts.

Degree offered

  • Minor in Arts Management

About Arts Management

Arts Management focuses on the business operations and management of any arts organization or artist. Arts organizations can range from large institutions like museums, operas, symphonies, and ballets to small organizations like service-based nonprofits, art galleries, concert venues or music companies. Arts management is also helpful for anyone preparing for an artistic profession. This minor will provide insight into the business side of the arts so you can manage your own career.

arts managementSince its founding in 1889, Converse has had a profound relationship with the arts. Our art department was developed in 1924 by renowned southern artists August and Irma Cook. Since then we’ve hosted some of the greatest performers of the 20th century in Twichell Auditorium, introducing fine arts instruction to generations of children, and producing dynamic new collaborations such as our recent original graphic-novel-styled opera. You could say the arts just run in our blood.

  • More than 12 arts organizations make Spartanburg a true arts town with great internship opportunities
  • Immerse yourself in the collaborative arts culture of the interdisciplinary School of the Arts
  • Build your resume and gain hands-on experience through projects in the community


Spartanburg is an arts town. From the $42 million Chapman Cultural Center to small arts nonprofits, there are a myriad of opportunities for on-the-job learning in the arts.

Nia Mosby

Nia Mosby ’15 was an intern at the small Spartanburg arts nonprofit HUB-BUB. HUB-BUB’s mission is to create community through dynamic arts and ideas. Created in 2006 by the City of Spartanburg to attract and retain creative young people, HUB-BUB operates an event space/art gallery and artist residency program in downtown Spartanburg. Nia worked to implement a new fundraising software and strategy for HUB-BUB and assisted with the day-to-day operations of its event venue. In the second semester of her internship, she researched grants and cultural district plans for small towns similar to Spartanburg.


Jackie Bielevicz ’15 was a curatorial intern for The Johnson Collection. Jackie’s study focused on the connections between food and art—and where better to explore that topic than the South? The Johnson Collection is located in Spartanburg and counts iconic masterworks among its more than 1,000 holdings of Southern artists. Jackie curated an exhibition in The Johnson Collection’s gallery in downtown Spartanburg as the culmination of her internship.

The Arts Management minor will prepare you to lead and manage arts and cultural organizations. In this program you will develop your capacity as an executive, fundraiser, planner, marketer, and financial manager in the nonprofit and for-profit arts.

Upon completion of the Arts Management minor, you will have:

  • A basic knowledge of visual art, theatre, music and dance
  • A foundation in management and leadership of an arts organization, including board management and development
  • Skills in fundraising, including grant writing
  • Understand the fundamentals of marketing and community development

Art ManagementThe Arts Management minor will prepare you for a career through course assignments that mimic professional experiences. You will learn how to write a grant, create a successful marketing plan, build a fundraising campaign and manage a nonprofit board both through your coursework and a required internship.

This minor is highly recommended for all majors in the Converse College School of the Arts, but is open to every student at Converse College as well.

Sample Courses

  • Arts Management and Organizational Structure
  • Arts Leadership & Program Development
  • Professional Internship in Arts Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Art Appreciation
  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Music Appreciation
  • American Popular Music
  • Film Music

Arts Management Minor Worksheet

For full course requirements, see the academic catalog.

What are common careers in Arts Management?

  • Marketing
  • Arts Administration
  • Curator
  • Museum Director
  • Music Venue Manager
  • Opera Director
  • Fundraising
  • Art representative (visual artists and musicians)

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