Writing Center

Writing Center

Converse Writing Center

Located on the second floor of the library in suite 204, the Writing Center provides assistance to all students seeking to build their writing skills. The Writing Center is dedicated to providing academic support to the needs of student writers across the curriculum. In addition, any students who wish to enhance their skills, independent of specific course work, or have a friendly reader for their newest poem, essay or story, can find assistance in the center. Our Writing Center peer consultants help writers of all ability levels.

“The writing center is an extremely valuable resource. The staff helped me ensure that my papers reach their fullest potential, but also more importantly, the writing center has helped me to become a better writer and taught me how to catch grammatical errors on my own.”
– Ann Sroka ’18

The Writing Center offers assistance with:

  • learning prewriting strategies
  • understanding the writing process
  • developing a thesis
  • strengthening the focus of a paper
  • including supporting details
  • creating effective introductions
  • recognizing strengths and needs
  • identifying and correcting grammatical errors.

It provides students with:

  • one-on-one tutoring
  • small group workshops focusing on specific topics
  • reference books
  • handbooks
  • professional writing texts which may be checked out
  • creative writing and English as a second language assistance.

While the center cannot provide a proofreading/editing service or a guarantee of better grades, it will serve as a caring and concerned trial audience for what students have written.

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