Policies and Services

Policies and Services

Converse Campus Safety

Services include:

  • Providing parking registration for students, faculty and staff.
  • Supplying photo identification and access cards for the campus community.
  • Assisting campus motorists with minor vehicle problems.
  • Providing an after-dark campus escort service.
  • Maintaining fire alarm systems and equipment.
  • Offering crime prevention lectures and seminars.
  • Inspecting buildings for safety compliance.
  • Maintaining a lost and found.
  • Periodically partner with the Division of Student Development and Success to offer interactive student programming on various safety issues. Popular topics have included Auto Care & Maintenance and Personal Safety & Self Defense.
  • Providing emergency call boxes in strategic campus locations.
  • Maintaining Limited Access System in residence halls.
  • Producing, reporting, maintaining, and distributing criminal statistics for compliance with Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act.
  • Meeting regularly with Spartanburg City Police for purposes of training, statistical information, crime prevention issues, monitoring and recording of incidents regarding student criminal activity off campus. (NOTE) Spartanburg City Police will notify Converse Safety within a timely fashion and if they know the suspect or victim is a Converse student.
  • Working closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as the situation dictates. Converse College is located within the Spartanburg city limits, and therefore the city police department has jurisdiction when criminal activity necessitates investigation of alleged criminal offenses.
  • Maintaining open Campus Campus Safety log of all reported crimes that will be made public within two business days of the incident.
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