Residence Hall Safety

Residence Hall Safety

Residence Hall Safety

Converse’s residence halls are staffed by resident counselors and undergraduate community advisers (one on each floor). These staff members participate in an annual, extensive training program, including sessions on safety and security. One community advisor, resident counselor and professional Student Life staff member is on call every weekend during the academic year. Visit the Residential Life page for more information.

Campus Safety and the Division of Student Development and Success work together to provide the best possible security and awareness of safety related issues.

Guests may visit in the living areas of residence halls during visitation hours only. They must be signed in at the front desk and escorted by a Converse student at all times while in the residence hall. See our COVID-19 visitor guidelines.

Entrance to the living areas of each residence hall is controlled by a card-access system. All residence hall doors except the main lobby entrances are locked 24 hours a day. Electronic alarms warn residents and the Campus Safety office of open exit doors.

Telephones are located in each lobby for visitors to notify hosts of their arrival. These telephones also serve as emergency telephones to contact Campus Safety. Campus Safety officers patrol the residence hall lobbies and check exterior doors.

  • Always lock your door, especially when you are just “going down the hall for a moment”.
  • Lock doors and windows when you are alone or sleeping.
  • Keep emergency numbers near your phone.
  • Do not prop open doors to your building. This will put everyone at risk.
  • Do not give your access card or room key to anyone.
  • Do not share your access code with anyone.
  • Report suspicious persons in your hall.
  • Keep ATM cards, credit cards, etc. in a safe place. Do not leave them lying out in the open. Never leave them on a dresser near your door. It takes less than 10 seconds to look into your open room and steal items from a dresser near the door.
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