2021 Accounting Grad Lands Job Thanks to Career Development Skills

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Tykeria Dawkins ’21 landed a full-time accountant position with OTO Development, Johnson Family of Companies, soon after completing a competitive internship with them.

Tykeria faced some challenges at the start of her internship but quickly faced them. “My experience was unique because I was coming onto the team after they had lost a really experienced accountant,” Tykeria said. From day one I just really wanted to add value to the team and do the best that I could.”

“We got to see where all of our hard work was going and why it mattered.”

Tykeria Dawkins ’21

Tykeria quickly gained the confidence of the team, which lead to more responsibility. She even had the opportunity to travel with the company to Washington, DC. to research one of OTO’s primary markets. “We got to see where all of our hard work was going and why it mattered,” Tykeria said.

Tykeria credits Converse’s faculty and staff for her confidence and opportunities. “When I was a sophomore, my department chair nominated me to attend a Women in Business dinner hosted by the company I am working for now,” Tykeria said. “It put me on their radar.”

Tykeria also participated in Converse’s Career Readiness course. led by Cathy Gowan, Converse’s Director of Internships and Career Services and took advantage of all the zoom recruitment fairs offered. “These things resulted in me landing an internship, being offered a job, and being prepared to work in a professional setting,” Tykeria said.

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