M. Evan Thomas

Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy, Program Director, Chair of Marriage and Family Therapy Department


Overview: M. Evan Thomas (He/Him) is an Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. Thomas is the current Chair of the Marriage and Family Department (since July 2020) and the Program Director for the MMFT Program (since July 2021). He primarily teaches at the University Center of Greenville campus and has been part of the Converse University MMFT Department since July 2019.

Advocacy: Dr. Thomas is working with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) to advocate for the LGBTQIA community. Currently, states across the US are working to pass legislation that would negatively impact the care provided to transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive clients by therapists, including graduate students in Converse’s MMFT program. See the MMFT’s statement in support of Gender Affirming Care here.

Research: He is a native of the Georgia Appalachian Mountains, which influences his research that focuses on Appalachian mental health and the opioid epidemic occurring in Appalachia. Additionally, he focuses on the Queer community and the ethical implications for queer therapists practicing within their community group. For the most recent publications and presentations, download his CV.

Teaching Experience: Dr. Thomas teaches Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy (Systems 1), Postmodern Theories (Systems 2), Research in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Families Impacted by Addiction. He is a clinical supervisor during Jan Term and Summer Term.

Professional Experience: Dr. Thomas owns a small private practice (Thomas Counseling Services, LLC) in Greenville, and his work focuses on substance use and the Queer community. He is the current Chair of the AAMFT Queer Trans Advocacy Network (QTAN), a Topical Interest Network connected to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. M. Evan Thomas

Selected Publications & Presentations

Appalachian Church Leaders: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Study to Understand How Substance use Impacts their Communities. Thomas, M.E., Grafsky, E.L. Pastoral Psychology (May 2021).

Trauma-informed care as a framework for addressing the Opioid Epidemic in Appalachia: An exploratory Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Morgan, A.A.*, Thomas, M.E.*, & Brossoie, N. Journal of Rural Mental Health (2020), 44(3), 156-169.

Circles of outness: Systemic exploration of disclosure decisions in mixed-orientation relationships. Nedela, M. R., Thomas, M. E., & Murray, M. In C. Boyd & J. S. Whitman (Eds.), Homework Assignments and Handouts for LGBTQ+ Clients: A Mental Health and Counseling Handbook (2020). Routledge.

Appalachia mental healthcare: An interpretative phenomenological analysis study to identify training program needs. Thomas, M.E., & Brossoie, N. Journal of Rural Mental Health,(2019) 43(2-3), 91–102.

Externalizing the process of disclosure: The use of narrative family therapy when working with LGTBQ groups. Thomas, M.E., Nedela, M.R., & Murray, M.M. In Viers, D. (2nd Ed.). The group therapist’s notebook: Homework, handouts, and activities for use in psychotherapy. (2017) New York, NY: Routledge.

Ethical and clinical considerations for In-Home Family Therapy. Hussain, K.M., Thomas, M.E., Polezoes, S., & El Helou, L. In Hecker, L.L. and Murphy, M. (2nd Ed.), Ethics and professional issues in couple and family therapy. (2016) New York: Taylor & Francis Group.


  • PhD - Virginia Tech
  • MS - Purdue University
  • BS - University of Georgia