Why a Converse Intern?

Converse College has an active, well-established Internship Program. Students successfully complete credit-bearing internships each academic year which give them experience in the arts, business, education, government, health care, law, museums, non-profits and the sciences.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Make a significant contribution to the professional preparation of college students.
  • Increase the visibility of your organization to the Converse community.
  • Expect enthusiastic students who are eager to gain work experience in their field of interest.
  • Obtain help for special projects or peak work periods.
  • Save on recruiting costs by considering interns as potential future employees.

How Does the Program Work?

Eligibility: Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the time of application for an internship. Individual departments may require a higher cumulative or departmental GPA. All students will have already declared their major to be eligible.

Credit: Although each Converse academic department determines the exact number of hours which must be served in order to receive a certain number of credit hours, it is generally necessary to work the equivalent of 120 hours to earn the minimum amount of credit available (per term) for any internship and 240 hours for the maximum amount.

Terms: Students, faculty advisors, and employers initiate an Internship Learning Contract, which includes learning objectives and evaluation criteria.

Time Commitment: Students may apply for internships during fall, winter, and spring semesters, in addition to, summer breaks. The student and the employer will mutually determine work hours.

For more information on our internship program, please contact Cathy Gowan, Director of Internships and Career Services, at 864-596-9389 or email her at

Employer Responsibilities

  • Agree to the terms of the program by signing the Converse College Internship Agreement
  • Provide realistic exposure to the career field and assist the student with developing learning objectives for the internship
  • Outline internship responsibilities and expectations for the semester
  • Inform student of required safety standards, orientations, organization policies and procedures
  • Meet with the student and provide performance feedback on a regular basis
  • Adhere to the ‘Test for Unpaid Interns and Students’ on the U.S. Department of Labor fact sheet
  • Maintain contact with the Center for Student Development and Success regarding the student’s progress
  • Complete a performance evaluation at the end of the internship and return to the Center for Student Development and Success
  • Schedule a feedback session with the student at the end of the internship to process final evaluations.
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