International Students

International Students

International Student

Applying to college as an international student can seem overwhelming, but the admissions team at Converse is here to help you. Submitting your application is the first step toward starting your journey at Converse, and we make that easier with no application fee. After that, there are several steps you’ll need to complete for us to review your application.

Step 1 – Application
Complete your online application. You can also apply through the Common Application.

Step 2 – SAT/ACT Scores
If you are a current high school student, you’ll need to take the SAT or ACT and send us your scores. Converse’s SAT code is 5121 and our ACT code is 3852.

Step 3 – Transcripts
Send your transcripts using one of the credit evaluation agencies below. If you are graduating high school this year you will need to send your high school transcripts. If you have already started college, you’ll need to send transcripts from each college you have attended.

World Education Services
High school students: Submit a Document-by-Document report.
Transfer students: Submit a Course-by-Course report.

Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)
High school students: Submit a General evaluation.
Transfer students: Submit a Course-by-Course evaluation.

Step 4 – Language Test Scores

If you are from a non-English speaking country, please submit your TOEFL or IELTS scores. If English is your first language or if you score 500 or above on the SAT Critical Reading section, you do not need to send language test scores.

Language Test Score
TOEFL Paper 550

Step 5
After you’ve been admitted, you’ll need to send your enrollment deposit to reserve your place at Converse and start the process for the immigration document, I-20.

Step 6 – Declaration of Finances
Once you have been admitted to Converse and have submitted your enrollment deposit, you’ll need to submit proof of financial means to study in the United States by completing the Declaration of Certification of Finances Form. Financial verification for international students is required to issue the immigration document, I-20.

Step 7 – Copy of Passport
Along with the Declaration of Finances form, please provide a copy of your passport page to the Admissions Office that has your full name, picture ID, place of birth, and birth date. This information is needed to create the I-20 document.

Step 8 – Auditions and Portfolio Reviews for the School of the Arts
If you’re planning on developing your talents in music, musical theatre, theatre, or art & design, you’ll need to complete an audition or portfolio review. You can find more information about this step here.

Step 9 – Health Insurance
After you’re admitted, you’ll want to make sure you have health and accident insurance that will protect you while you’re at Converse. Health and accident insurance are a requirement for international students, and you’ll need to show proof of insurance prior to enrolling.

Important Dates

September 1st – Apply
Apply to Converse and send us your transcripts, test scores, and forms. Applying sooner will allow you more time to learn about Converse.

March 1st – Application Priority Date
Your completed application with all documentation should be sent to us by March 1st. Applications for the fall may close after this day.

May 1st – National Reply Date, Enrollment Deposits Due
After you’ve been admitted, you’ll need to send your enrollment deposit prior to May 1st to reserve your place at Converse.

At Converse, we believe that a successful residential living community requires openness, flexibility and respect. Openness to others from different backgrounds and experiences, flexibility in schedules and arrangements, and respect for your roommate. We respect your choices as well.

We will ask you which residential hall you prefer and will make your preference a significant factor in our decisions. The sooner you submit your deposit and tell us your preference, the more likely you are be placed in your preferred residence hall.

Since our tuition reset in 2014, Converse provides you with a private college education at a public university price.

2019-2020 Tuition, Room and Board
Full-Time Tuition and Fees $18,890
Room and Board $11,260
Total $30,150

Tuition, room and board goes further at Converse with many benefits such as included laundry, cable TV, and micro-fridges that you’d pay extra for at other colleges. However, students are responsible for some additional fees including Student Government Association, laboratory or studio costs, private music lessons, and others. You can find a full schedule of fees in the current academic catalog.

Scholarships and Aid

Students who reside outside of South Carolina and who have a 1000 SAT, equivalent ACT, or better will receive a $1000 scholarship.

Endowed Academic Scholarships
By completing your application on-time, you’re automatically considered for endowed academic scholarships. These awards range in value based on students’ academic profiles.

Converse Scholars Day
Admitted students with strong academic profiles will be invited to a Converse Scholars Day. Qualified students must be admitted to the college prior to November 1st or February 1st to receive an invitation to Converse Scholars Day. In addition to meeting top faculty and other Converse Scholars, you may receive additional endowed academic scholarships in varying amounts, including full tuition and full comprehensive scholarships. These scholarships are awarded based on a faculty or staff interview as well as your merit, extra-curricular activities and community involvement.

Talent Scholarships for Athletics, Music, and the Arts
If you’re going to be competing as a Valkyrie for one of our NCAA II Division sports, contact your coach about potential scholarships. And, if you’re interested in studying music, musical theatre, theatre, or the arts, see information below about auditioning and additional aid.

Is your vision to develop your talents as an artist or performer? Converse School of the Arts (SOA) may be the answer to your quest. High school seniors are invited to compete for talent based scholarships in Art, Dance, Music, Musical Theatre and Theatre. To be admitted in to the Petrie School of Music, auditions are required.

Audition and Portfolio Review Process

1. Complete your application for admission to Converse.

2. Submit the audition/portfolio application for your specific area of interest:
Theatre & Dance
Musical Theatre
Art Portfolio Review

3. Submit a teacher recommendation letter 1 week prior to your audition or portfolio review date.
More details are listed on your audition application form.

4. Attend your audition or portfolio review
The dates below have been set aside for students to audition or have their portfolios reviewed. In some cases, you may be able to schedule an individual date if you are unable to attend a scheduled audition event. You may also be able to submit a recording or off-campus review.

Audition and Portfolio Dates
Friday, November 16th Art, Music, Theatre & Dance
Friday, January 18th Music
Friday, February 15th Art, Music, Theatre & Dance
Friday, March 15th Art, Theatre & Dance
Friday, April 12th Art, Music, Theatre & Dance



HOMETOWN: Kigali, Rwanda
MAJOR: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
WHAT SURPRISED ME MOST: The person that I became during my time at Converse. I came as a very shy and reserved student. I barely participated in classroom discussions during my first semester. But I could stand in front of the whole classroom and present without a problem by the time I was a senior. This new confidence has allowed me to go out of my comfort zone and make connections with people, both at Converse and elsewhere, that I otherwise would not have interacted with.
WHAT CONVERSE HAS MEANT TO ME: At first, it was an opportunity for an adventure. I came as an international student and did not know what to expect. But Converse quickly became a second home for me. From students to professors, I fit right in to the community. I knew that I was welcome in any office on campus and the faculty and staff knew not just me but everybody on campus by name. As I leave Converse, I know that I am well prepared both academically and personally.


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