High School Students

High School Students

Converse College Students

It’s Your Time

You’ve studied, you’ve prepared and now you’re ready to find the college experience that matches your vision for the future. Do you think you can change the world? We believe you can.

How to Apply

Completing your application is the first step to starting your journey at Converse. The process is simple, quick, and there’s no application fee.

  1. Complete your online application. You can also apply through the Common Application.
  2. Send us your high school transcripts. You can request your transcript through your high school guidance office. If you’ve taken courses at multiple high schools or through dual enrollment at a local college, we’ll need those transcripts too.
  3. Send us your SAT and/or ACT scores. Converse’s SAT code is 5121 and the ACT code is 3852.
  4. If you’re interested in majoring in programs in music, musical theatre, theatre, or art and design, you’ll also need to schedule an audition. See more information below.

Important Dates

September 1st – Apply
Apply to Converse as early as September 1st for the following fall. The sooner you apply, the greater consideration you’ll have for scholarships.

October 1st – Complete Your FAFSA
Beginning October 1st you can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). More information about the FAFSA and financial aid is available through the Office of Financial Planning.

May 1st – National Reply Date, Enrollment Deposits Due
After you’ve been admitted, you’ll need to send your enrollment deposit prior to May 1st to reserve your place at Converse.

At Converse, we believe that a successful residential living community requires openness, flexibility and respect. Openness to others from different backgrounds and experiences, flexibility in schedules and arrangements, and respect for your roommate. We respect your choices as well.

We will ask you which residential hall you prefer and will make your preference a significant factor in our decisions. The sooner you submit your deposit and tell us your preference, the more likely you are be placed in your preferred residence hall.

Please note, deposit refunds will not be made after May 1.

A visit to Converse is the most authentic way to experience campus life. Immerse yourself in our vibrant, diverse community and get a close-up look at our affordable, top-ranked private college. We believe this experience is such a meaningful part of getting to know Converse that we’ll reimburse you up to $200 for your trip through our travel voucher.

Individual Visit

Spend a day at Converse where you’ll be able to speak with an Admissions Counselor, attend a class, take a campus tour with a current student and eat in Gee Dining Hall.

Attend an Event

Admissions Open Houses and other events give you a chance to hear from and speak with faculty, student panels, Admissions Counselors, and other college staff. You’ll also meet other prospective students and parents as you explore all Converse has to offer.

Travel Vouchers

We don’t want anything to stand in the way of you getting to experience Converse. Request a travel voucher before or after you schedule an individual or Open House visit and we will reimburse you up to $200 for mileage, lodging, and/or airfare.

Unfortunately, travel vouchers cannot be used by prospective student athletes attending as part of an official visit. Please contact your coach or Admissions Counselor if you have questions.

Since our tuition reset in 2014, Converse provides you with a private college education at a public university price.

2019-2020 Tuition, Room and Board
Full-Time Tuition and Fees $18,890
Room and Board $11,260
Total $30,150

Tuition, room and board goes further at Converse with many benefits such as included laundry, cable TV, and micro-fridges that you’d pay extra for at other colleges. However, students are responsible for some additional fees including Student Government Association, laboratory or studio costs, private music lessons, and others. You can find a full schedule of fees in the current academic catalog.

Scholarships and Aid: Fall 2018

Academic Scholarships
By completing your application on-time, you’re automatically considered for academic scholarships. These awards range in value based on students’ academic profiles.


wdt_ID Academic Scholarship Minimum SAT/ACT Minimum GPA
1 5,000 1250/26 4.25
2 4,000 1150/23 3.75
3 2,000 1050/21 3.25

*In-State students not qualifying for Level 1, 2, or 3 will still receive $1,000 if they have a 3.0 GPA and are top 30% of their class at time of admission.


wdt_ID Academic Scholarship Minimum SAT/ACT Minimum GPA
1 6,000 1250/26 3.75+
2 5,000 1150/23 3.25-3.74
3 3,000 1050/21 3.0-3.24

Converse Scholars Day
Admitted students with strong academic profiles will be invited to a Converse Scholars Day. Qualified students must be admitted to the college prior to November 1st or February 1st to receive an invitation to Converse Scholars Day. In addition to meeting top faculty and other Converse Scholars, you may receive additional academic scholarships in varying amounts, including full tuition and full comprehensive scholarships. These scholarships are awarded based on a faculty or staff interview as well as your merit, extra-curricular activities and community involvement.

Talent Scholarships for Athletics, Music, and the Arts
If you’re going to be competing as a Valkyrie for one of our NCAA II Division sports, contact your coach about potential scholarships. And, if you’re interested in studying music, musical theatre, theatre, or the arts, see information below about auditioning and additional aid.

State and Federal Awards
You may qualify for a wide range of merit and/or need-based awards from South Carolina or the Department of Education. Learn more about these awards.

Is your vision to develop your talents as an artist or performer? Converse School of the Arts (SOA) may be the answer to your quest. High school seniors are invited to compete for talent based scholarships in Art, Dance, Music, Musical Theatre and Theatre. To be admitted in to the Petrie School of Music, auditions are required.

Audition and Portfolio Dates
Friday, November 16th Art, Music, Theatre & Dance
Friday, January 18th Music
Friday, February 15th Art, Music, Theatre & Dance
Friday, March 15th Art, Theatre & Dance
Friday, April 12th Art, Music, Theatre & Dance

Audition and Portfolio Review Process

1. Complete your application for admission to Converse.

2. Submit the audition/portfolio application for your specific area of interest:
Theatre & Dance
Musical Theatre
Art Portfolio Review

3. Submit one teacher recommendation letter prior to your audition or portfolio review date.
More details are listed on your audition application form.

4. Attend your audition or portfolio review
The dates above have been set aside for students to audition or have their portfolios reviewed. In some cases, you may be able to schedule an individual date if you are unable to attend a scheduled audition event. You may also be able to submit a recording or off-campus review.

Your personal Admissions Counselor is waiting to hear from you! Find your counselor, get in touch, and let us tell you about our personal experience with Converse and when we’ll be visiting your area!