Dr. Kelly Vaneman

At Opening Convocation, the keynote speaker and Kathryn Amelia Brown Teaching Award recipient did something...unexpected. She walked right past the podium and across the stage. She gestured for everyone to stand. Without saying a single word, she ordered different groups of people to stomp, clap, or snap along to a beat. (function(d, s, id) {...
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Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. The School of the Arts at Converse College is creating a powerful new season of works for 2016-2017 that will amaze. “Our students and faculty are expanding the boundaries of performance and exhibition,” observes Boone Hopkins, dean of the School of the Arts, “and we want our community to be there for…
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Emily Hardy NPR Music Internship

Join Emily Hardy on her internship journey in New York City as she works on the Jonathan Schwartz show for NPR. Emily talks about navigating NYC, getting food poisoning on her first day of work and gives us the inside scoop about what she’s learned on the job. Emily is studying for both the BMA…
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The Rainey Family

Breathing new life into historic materials from Spartanburg’s textile mill heritage, the new Rainey Amphitheater at Converse College was dedicated during a celebration held Friday, June 24th. Building materials for the project came from Clifton Manufacturing Company No. 2 Mill, which was built in 1888 by Converse founder Dexter Edgar Converse and dismantled in 2013.

Music Business and Technology

Anna Vaughan ’16 and Emily Hardy ’18 had been working hard for months with their fellow Music Business classmates, who call themselves “the MUBs.” The passion with which they approached this particular class assignment was rare, even among today’s grade-minded students. Their end goal: a benefit concert in tribute to The Beatles, which they titled…
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Music Business program and Contemporary Music and Media major Emily Hardy

Emily’s internship with the Jonathan Channel in New York City allowed her to gain firsthand experience with audio editing, advertising, and production.

The School of the Arts is undergoing a metamorphosis. Converse had a sneak peek at the transformation in 2014 with the world premier of the multimedia opera-oratorio Troiades, composed by faculty member Dr. David Berry, performed by Converse students, alumni, and friends, and directed by a Converse alumna. The production used a variety of technologies,…
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Adjunct professor of Music Business & Technology Certificate program John Jeter

Here at the Petrie School of Music, you can’t move without hearing music from somewhere—a practice room, a classroom, Daniel Recital Hall, even from the furniture in the Blackman lobbies where students break out in an impromptu aria or a bit of a cappella. The same is true in Cuba, where John Jeter, an adjunct…
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Dr. David Berry was commissioned to contribute entries on electronic pianos (analog and digital) for A Dictionary for the Modern Pianist by Stephen Siek, to be published in 2016 by Rowman & Littlefield as part of their new Dictionaries for the Modern Musician series.

Dr. David Berry and Donald Scott (Music and Psychology, respectively) presented their poster, “Some EEG Patterns Occur in Common Across Musical Genres” at the 2015 Society for Music Perception and Cognition conference at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.