Edna Steele, Advisor
Department of Biology

The coursework required by veterinary schools is very similar to that required by medical schools, although applicants may be required to take some additional courses such as biochemistry. Prior to application to the veterinary school, the student should have already completed the following prerequisite courses:

Coursework Credit Hours
Biology/Zoology 8 hours
Inorganic Chemistry (CHM CHM 190 and CHM 310) 8 hours
Organic Chemistry (CHM 203-204) 8 hours
Quantitative Analysis (CHM 251) 4 hours
Biochemistry 3 or 4 hours
Physics 8 hours
Microbiology 4 hours
English 6 hours
Humanities and Social Sciences 18 hours

Planning Resources

Students interested in veterinary programs should consult the following websites for more information about specific entrance requirements, and should consult with the pre-health professions advisor to plan the curriculum to meet these requirements.

Pre-Veterinary Stories

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