Application Procedure

Application Procedure

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements set by the Converse College Graduate School, the MFA applicant must receive approval for degree program status from the MFA program faculty and director.

In evaluating applications for the MFA, panels composed of MFA writing faculty look for a demonstrated commitment to the art and a level of skill that suggests the potential student is ready for graduate work in creative writing. The main requirement for applications is a manuscript portfolio of original work. Students must also submit official transcripts from the accredited college or university from which her/his highest degree was awarded (with a minimum requirement of a
bachelors degree), a personal statement, and two letters of academic and/or professional reference.

Students can begin the program in the Summer/Fall term that begins with the Summer residency or the Winter/Spring term that begins with the January residency.

  • The application deadline for Summer/Fall residencies is February 15.
  • The deadline for Winter/Spring residencies is October 1.
  1. Manuscript, according to genre directions below. Submit three (3) copies by mail.
    • Applicants in Fiction and Young Adult Fiction: 20-25 pages of fiction or young adult fiction, typed and double-spaced.
    • Applicants in Nonfiction: 20-25 pages of creative nonfiction, typed and double-spaced.
    • Applicants in Poetry: 10- 12 pages of poetry
    • Applicants in Environmental Writing: Students applying for the Environmental Writing emphasis are admitted as either fiction, nonfiction, or poetry genre students, and should submit according to the page requirements above.
  2. MFA manuscript cover sheet attached to each copy of portfolio.
  3. Two (2) letters of academic and/or professional references to be mailed from people familiar with your academic record and/or your professional record, your potential as a writer, and your intellectual curiosity and articulateness. Letter should address several of the following: motivation and intellectual ability for graduate work, understanding of major field, personal maturity and ability to contribute to a writing community, and ability to meet deadlines and work independently.
  4. Official transcripts from the accredited college or university from which applicant’s highest degree was awarded. A minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale is required for full admission.
  5. A brief personal statement (up to two typed pages) responding to the following: Whose writing do you admire and why? Why do you want to study the writing of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction? What do you hope to gain from an MFA program, especially a low-residency MFA program? Submit two (2) copies by mail.
  6.  Application with the $40 application fee.
    Online MFA Application
    Printable MFA Application

If applying for graduate financial aid:

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit the form to the Office of Financial Planning at Converse College. The priority deadline for applying for federal financial aid is February 15. For more information on how to apply for subsidized and non-subsidized student loans, contact the Office of Financial Planning: 864.596.9019.

Completing Your Application:

In addition to the MFA application form, all applicants must mail a hard copy packet including three (3) copies of manuscript with MFA manuscript cover sheet, two (2) copies of brief personal statement along with letters of recommendation and transcripts, to:

Rick Mulkey
Director of MFA in Creative Writing
Department of English
Converse College
580 East Main St.
Spartanburg, SC 29302

  • Students currently enrolled in another MFA program (residency or low-residency) who wish to transfer to Converse College’s low-residency MFA program must submit a complete application as described below.
  • Students attending a full-residency MFA program will begin our low-residency program as first or second-semester students; any credits earned from residency MFA programs will be accepted by Converse College on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students who have successfully completed and passed one or more semesters at another accredited low-residency MFA in Creative Writing program may enter the low-residency MFA program at Converse College with one semester’s worth of credits (3 courses or up to 12 hours).
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