Music CompositionDo you dream of hearing your original music brought to life by talented performers? Would you like to be able to compose anything from a piano etude to an orchestral film score? Do you want to live a life filled with musical creativity?

Consider a career in Composition, the process of creating new and original music.

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Music in Composition

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About Composition

If you are truly passionate about creating music, a Composition degree will provide you with the foundation in music creation and analysis you need to launch your career! In addition to performing, you will study music historically and analytically, alongside other disciplines, and develop your original work under the mentorship of talented professionals who are also caring, dedicated teachers.

  • Our faculty members are practicing composers, producers, and performers
  • Study at the nation’s ONLY comprehensive, professional school of music within a women’s liberal arts college
  • Our remarkably low student/teacher ratio ensures ongoing personal interaction with faculty
  • Explore unique, interdisciplinary courses and honors classes

Create Your Own Music–And Your Own Ensemble

At Converse, students can create their own ensembles centered on their interests. Want to write a piece for flute, oboe, and xylophone and get it performed? Go for it–the sky’s the limit! You’ll earn ensemble credit while developing relationships with fellow student musicians who will be part of your musical network for life.

The Annual Pajama Concert

One of Converse’s beloved traditions is the annual Pajama Concert featuring Converse composers and friends. Student and faculty composers, performers and friends wear their favorite jammies for an evening of original music written and performed by Converse’s own. Many styles of music are represented from classical to electronica to singer/songwriter.

Music Composition at Converse CollegeA Bachelor of Music (BM) in Composition emphasizes the creation of music. As a composition major, you will take private lessons in composition for all four years of your program, in which you will focus on developing aural and analytical skills, composition techniques, expanding your unique creative instincts, and discovering your own compositional voice. You will also develop self-knowledge, a historical understanding, and a better appreciation of your own creative voice. As a composition student, you will develop composition skills and gain an in-depth understanding of history, theory and literature.

In your senior year, you will present a recital of original works, and have the opportunity to present an Honors Thesis.

Sample Courses

  • Composition Lessons
  • Diverse Cultures and Their Music
  • Principles of Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Electronic Music
  • 20th-Century Idioms
  • Piano Class
  • Music History
  • Fundamentals of Conducting

For full course requirements, see the academic catalog.

Melody Stevens
Kiya Heartwood ’10, singer-songwriter, saw her senior project “Lying to the Sea Gypsy”, come to life as a fully-staged musical performed by a local community theatre group.

What are common careers in Composition?

  • Freelance Composer
  • FIlm and Video Composer
  • Performer
  • Conductor
  • Music Teacher

What are Composition alumni doing?

Grad Schools

  • King’s College, London
  • Florida State University


  • Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition, Montana State University
  • Worship Leader & Songwriter, International House of Prayer Jacksonville
  • Composer, Music Teacher and Commonwealth Music Ambassador
  • Self-Employed Singer-Songwriter and Composer

Composition Stories

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