Certificate in Business Professionalism

Certificate in Business Professionalism

Students collaborate in a business professionalism classAre you interested in developing a cohesive professional portfolio before you go on the job market? Would you like to stand out amongst other job applicants as you enter the working world? Then the Certificate in Business Professionalism is for you!

The Certificate in Business Professionalism will help you plot your unique career path and gain the tools and confidence to demonstrate your value to potential employers. The certificate may be completed along with any major at Converse.

Program Offered

  • Certificate in Business Professionalism

About the Certificate in Business Professionalism

Regardless of your major, the Certificate in Business Professionalism will be a complement to your area of interest, and an asset in the working world. In addition to an internship and coursework, you will have a professional portfolio of activities to add to your resume. Upon completion of all requirements, you will receive your certificate.

Certificate in Business ProfessionalismThe Business Professionalism Certificate at Converse offers a streamlined way for you to document and highlight the activities that today’s employers and graduate schools expect.

  • Effectively organize your job search or grad school prep strategy.
  • Confidently display professionalism and integrity as you seek entry level positions in any field.
  • Tailor your accomplishments to your area of interest.
  • Easily track and demonstrate your professional development as you build your digital portfolio.

Digital Portfolio

Could you tell someone what you want to do for a living, why you’d be great at it, and get them excited about your professional future, all in the course of an elevator ride? The elevator speech is one of the “power tools” you’ll create in your Professional E-Portfolio – an online toolbox that will arm you to make a great impression in any professional context.


Today’s employers are looking for more than a good GPA. Having work experience is one of the top factors in the recruiting and selection process. That’s why completion of an internship or other field-appropriate applied work (such as clinical placements or research experiences) is an integral part of our certificate program.

Campus Clubs

Another key factor in your future employability is whether you have leadership experience. As you earn this certificate you will demonstrate and document involvement and leadership in extracurricular activities either on or off campus, such as holding office or spearheading a major initiative.

Once you have declared your major you may enroll in the Certificate in Business Professionalism program. The certificate is an additional credential; it does not replace a major.

The flexible menu of courses either develops basic skills useful in almost any position and workplace (such as public speaking) or focuses on organizational management skills, content and/or application. You’ll learn to demonstrate the breadth of learning and experience that the liberal arts tradition encourages, while also showcasing examples of professional development that are increasingly demanded by employers and graduate schools.

This certificate program allows you to organize your preparation for the job and graduate school application process, and to document the completion of various milestones. We look forward to sharing these milestones with you!

Certificate Requirements:

  • Successful completion of at least one three (3) credit hour (120 working hours) internship for credit;
  • Successful completion of junior and senior level Center for Career Development course (CON 102);
  • Submission of Professional E-Portfolio, including resume, elevator speech and other items;
  • Successful completion of at least six (6) additional credit hours of coursework approved for the certificate program (courses continue to be added to this list):
    • ACC/BAD/ECN 191 Excel (1 hour)
    • ACC 211 Accounting Principles I (3 hours)
    • ATM 265 Arts Management and Organizational Structure (3 hours)
    • ATM 365 Arts Leadership and Program Development (3 hours)
    • BAD 206 Business Communication (3 hours)
    • BAD 330 Management (3 hours)
    • BAD 340 Marketing  (3 hours)
    • CSC 208 Data for Business (3 hours)
    • ECN 201 Microeconomics (3 hours)
    • ECN 300 Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (4 hours)
    • FIN 200 Personal Finance (3 hours)
    • POL 303 Social Statistics (4 hours)
    • THR 120 Public Speaking (3 hours)

Certificate in Business ProfessionalismThe Business Professionalism Certificate will complement any major and is applicable to all areas of the working world. You’ll be able to tailor your accomplishments to your particular area of interest. By incorporating the Business Professionalism Certificate with your major you will gain practical knowledge and professional polish that will set you miles ahead of your competition.

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