S. Feser ’23 moved from Ohio to Upstate South Carolina when they were nine years old. They are a Converse alumna who received their Bachelor of Arts in History. During their time at Converse, they were a delegate in the Converse Model Programs, and served as the Senior Council Representative for the Converse College for Women. Their senior seminar research titled “The Hidden and Forgotten: Women with Mental Illness in 19th Century South Carolina,” was presented at Converse’s first annual RISE Symposium, and the 2022 South Carolina Historical Association Annual Meeting and Conference.

S’s time in college instilled in them a deep love for Converse. S was forever moved by the strong sense of closeness and community at Converse, the support of faculty, the wonderful friends they’ve made, and all the fantastic experiences Converse has provided them. They strive to help other students join a warm and uplifting Converse community and partake in all it has to offer.

When S is not at Converse, they can often be found spending time with loved ones, enjoying long walks around downtown Spartanburg, going on spontaneous adventures, and researching various topics.


  • BA in History