Mirko M. Hall

Professor of German Studies and Chair of Languages, Cultures and Literatures

As Converse’s only Germanist since 2007, Mirko Hall teaches all levels of German language, literature, and culture as well as occasional offerings in Arabic. His upper-division courses focus on the cultural history of German-speaking Central Europe since 1750 and include interdisciplinary perspectives from the fields of film studies, intellectual history, literature, music, and theology. Recent seminars of note have included: “Beethoven and the Age of Revolution” (co-taught with Steinway Artist Douglas Weeks), “Freud’s Dream Book,” “Jesus, Luther, Marx,” and “Time Magazine’s Top 10 Berlin Wall Films.” Mirko is also an affiliate member in Philosophy, where he regularly teaches a seminar on German intellectual history.

The college has honored Mirko with the Curriculum Innovation Award, the Kathryne Amelia Brown Award for Excellence in Teaching, the O’Herron Award for Faculty Excellence, the Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award, and the Student Life Faculty Involvement and Collaboration Award. He is also the recipient of a South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities Excellence in Teaching Award. His most prized accolade remains the Joe Ann Lever Award of Excellence, which was presented to him by the graduating classes of 2011 and 2018. A teaching profile of Mirko, entitled “DLIFLC grad now award-winning language educator,” was published in The Globe, the magazine of the Defense Language Institute.

Trained as an intellectual and cultural historian, Mirko’s research explores how radical aesthetic practices offer everyday people strategies for participating in cultural creativity, critique, and resistance. His book, Musical Revolutions in German Culture: Musicking against the Grain, 1800–1980, investigates the persistence of a critical-deconstructive approach toward musical production, consumption, and reception in the German cultural sphere. Together with Seth Howes and Cyrus Shahan, he co-edited Beyond No Future: Cultures of German Punk, a volume that explores how punk became an enduring cultural phenomenon in Germany. Mirko has (co-)authored a number of articles on these topics in journals such as Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Eighteenth-Century Studies, German Politics and Society, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, and Telos, as well as in the edited collections, Clockwork Rhetoric: The Language and Style of Steampunk, DJ Culture in the Mix: Power, Technology, and Social Change in Electronic Dance Music, and German Aesthetics: Fundamental Concepts from Baumgarten to Adorno.

Originally from the Twin Cities, Mirko received his BA with highest honors, MA, and PhD in German Studies from the University of Minnesota. He was a longtime student of the late Jochen Schulte-Sasse. As a Fulbright Fellow, he studied philosophy and musicology at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He also has a diploma in Modern Standard Arabic from the Defense Language Institute, where he studied under former Jordanian diplomat Adnan Sadduk.