Macey Atkins’18 is from Gaffney, SC, and is a Converse alumna. While studying at Converse, Macey worked as a camp counselor at Crowders Camps during the summer. She also completed an internship as a Director’s Assistant, and held a position as a Theatre instructor, at Spartanburg Youth Theatre in her Junior and Senior years. After graduating with a BA in Theatre, Macey spent the summer of 2018 working as a camp counselor at the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, teaching children ages 3-17 about the joys and magic of the craft of Theatre. Shortly after, she got married to an active-duty servicemember and was whisked away to Georgia. While there, Macey performed in a modern burlesque show in a speakeasy in downtown Savannah, GA. She also worked as a shift supervisor at Starbucks, in Georgia, and lived the dream of getting free coffee every day.

After her husband served his full contract with the Army, the two decided to move on from the military and begin new careers. Macey returned to Converse in 2022, upon moving back home, to work in the Admissions Office, as an Admissions Counselor. She is so excited to use her passion for Converse, and its mission, to help others find their place in this community. She loves to perform, and hopes to get back into her Theatre roots soon. Her love of Theatre is only rivaled by that of chocolate and chicken nuggets. When she isn’t working, Macey likes spending time relaxing with her family, and drinking her body weight in iced coffee.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre; Minor in Dance