Eligibility & Requirements

Eligibility & Requirements

Here are the requirements for being invited into the Nisbet Honors Program and for being recognized as a Nisbet Honors graduate.


Students enter the program either as incoming freshmen or as late entrants.

Incoming Freshmen:

Admitted freshmen will be guaranteed an invitation into the Nisbet Honors Program if they meet the following standards:

  • ACT Composite of 28 (or better) OR SAT Combined Math and Evidence Based Reading and Writing of 1300 (or better)
  • Class rank of 10% or better

Admitted students from high schools which don’t provide class ranking, as well as other academically talented incoming students, will be considered individually and notified on a rolling basis if they are invited to join the Nisbet Honors Program.

Late Entrants: Students who do very well once they have begun their studies at Converse are also considered for the program. Freshmen and Converse II students must earn at least a 3.5 GPA after taking 12 hours at Converse to be invited to apply. After receiving an invitation to apply, a student is required to complete an application, request a letter of recommendation from a full-time professor at Converse, and submit a graded sample of 2-3 pages of her writing. If her application is accepted, she may immediately begin participating in honors extracurricular activities and may take honors courses starting the next term.
All students who apply should realize that Honors Program courses are not regularly offered in the evenings.


To complete the Nisbet Honors Program and be recognized at graduation, students must perform well in academic courses after entering the Honors Program. To remain in the program, members should maintain a GPA above 3.2 and receive grades of B- or better in honors courses.

To graduate from the Nisbet Honors Program, all students must complete the following three courses:

  • Freshman honors seminar (199H) (or, if a student begins the program as a late entrant, another honors course to replace it.)
  • Interdisciplinary honors seminar (299H course)
  • Junior honors seminar (fall or spring)

Additionally, all students must choose ONE of the following options:

  • Two additional honors courses
  • One additional honors course and an honors directed independent study
  • One additional honors course and an honors module
  • Completion of an honors thesis

Generally, the selected option will constitute 6-8 hours of coursework.

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