History and Politics

History and Politics

The History and Politics department offers separate majors and minors in both history and politics. Many students double major in both disciplines. We offer the full range of courses in American, European and non-Western history, as well as political science courses in American government, political theory, comparative politics and international relations. Beyond traditional offerings we offer unique special topics courses including:

  • Women’s Lives in Asia and Africa
  • Empires of the Caribbean
  • Duels, Disease, and Disaster: Death in 19th Century America
  • International Terrorism and Political Violence
  • History of Disease
  • Politics of Climate Change

Interactive and exciting, the study of history and politics at Converse provides a strong academic foundation. History and politics majors have the opportunity to participate in study travel programs, competitive simulations and research programs.

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Undergraduate Degrees


Claudia Coffin

Malone and Qatar Foundation Fellow Claudia Coffin ’19

A month-long trip to Qatar has put life into a new perspective for Malone Fellow, Qatar Foundation Fellow and Nisbet Honors student, Claudia Coffin ’19. “All of the faculty I’ve met at Converse have helped mentor and shape me in some way…”

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Beyond the Classroom

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