Remembrance and Reflection

Review of September 11, 2002

Exactly one year to the date, the Converse College community joined with the nation in a time of remembrance and reflection of the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack against the United States.

Place for Remembrance and Reflection
Twichell Auditorium was open all day for persons needing a place of personal prayer and personal meditation.

Discussion Panel
At 11:30 a.m., a panel of five Converse College faculty members gathered in front of crowd of 200 strong in Daniel Recital Hall to discuss how the attack affected various aspects of society.

  • Mayo Mac Boggs, Professor and Chair of the Art and Design Department, told of the varying opinions of what should be done at Ground Zero: whether a memorial should be erected or whether commercial construction should commence.
  • Dr. Laura Brown, professor of English and Director of the Nisbet Honors Program, emphasized the importance symbols play in our lives. While the twin towers of the WTC may have been symbols of economic strength, the events of 9/11 may be a symbol of our own mortality to some.
  • Dr. Joe Dunn, Chair of History and Politics Department, gave a summary of the immediate political effects of 9/11. He also went into detail regarding the possibility of war with Iraq.
  • Dr. Corrie Norman, Professor of Religion, spoke of the importance of understanding religious beliefs that may be different from our own.
  • Dr. Madelyn Young, chair of Economics Department, discussed how various business sectors were affected economically and how they are recovering.

Blood Donations
Volunteers from throughout the community participated in a blood drive in the lobby of Blackman Music Building to benefit the Piedmont Blood Center.

Night Vigil
Then, precisely at 9:11 p.m., over 100 people from the college and the community gathered on the circle in front of Wilson Hall for an interfaith candlelight vigil.

President Pens Opinion Editorial
Converse College President Nancy Oliver Gray authored an opinion article concerning the affect 9/11 has had on the higher education environment.

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