Colbie Caillat Concert April 15

Concert at Converse College

The 2010 edition of the Converse College Spring Concert will feature Grammy-Award winning singer-songwriter, Colbie Caillat on Thursday, April 15 on the back campus of Converse College. Rain or shine, the gates will open at 7:00 pm; with Sequoyah Prep School opening the show at 8:00 pm.

Known for her dusky vocals, acoustic guitar and laid-back attitude, Colbie Caillat is a pop singer-songwriter and guitarist from southern California. An unsigned artist in 2006, Caillat began to upload her collection of upbeat songs to the social networking site, Caillat quickly became the number one artist on MySpace for four successive months, with over 10 million plays.

Riding her wave of success, Caillat signed with Universal Republic and recorded her 2007 debut album, CoCo. The album debuted at No. 5 on Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart and remained in the top 20 of the chart more than half a year after the CD’s release. Her song, Bubbly spent over 14 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 chart, and was certified platinum with sales of more than 2.6 million downloads.

According to Caillat, fans’ stories of how her music has touched them make her smile, “People tell me Bubbly made them realize that they weren’t in love with their boyfriend because their boyfriend doesn’t give them those feelings in the song,” she says. “I was like, oh my gosh! That wasn’t my intention, but at least that’s helped you.” In 2008, Caillat partnered with good friend and fellow musician, Jason Mraz, for the duet Lucky, which earned the pair a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration. In 2009, Caillat released her second album, Breakthrough, for which she received another Grammy nomination, this time for Best Pop Vocal Album. When it comes to her songwriting process, Caillat said, “I just let stuff build up inside of me and I’ll write three songs in a weekend. It’s like this release. I don’t pick something to write about. When I’m playing guitar, a melody comes out and whatever words come out, I go along with that.”

Opening for Caillat, Sequoyah Prep School is five-piece rock/folk/pop band from South Carolina with a strange name and a familiar face. The group consists of Justin Osborne, West Jones, Jordan Hicks, Johnnie Matthews and Harrison Boyd. Since 2003, they have been explaining themselves and their band name all across the United States of America, while reaching thousands of people through the relatable music they make. Over the last five years, Sequoyah Prep School has released three albums and one EP. With the release of their second album in 2006, the band began to actively pursue new fans by diving into a heavy touring schedule and using online communities as tools to market their music.

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