Individualized Major

Individualized Major

Converse College Classroom

Are you a self-starter who likes to blaze your own trail? Are you passionate about several different subjects and like to explore how they fit together? If your interests span across multiple academic disciplines, Converse’s Individualized Major is the perfect way to customize your academic experience.

Degrees Offered

  • You will earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science with a title you and your advisor will determine together.

About Individualized Majors

If your interests link at least three academic disciplines, you can design a creative pathway to connect them in one major. Designed for highly motivated students, the Individualized Major involves drafting a proposal, creating a capstone, and working closely with a handful of faculty mentors to chart your unique career path.

No matter the path you choose, you’ll develop and demonstrate a combination of skills that are rare and highly valued in the working world: the ability to see commonalities and connections in diverse subject matter, the focus and motivation to create a proposal and capstone, and powerful communications skills to articulate your unique vision.

Due to the number of requirements involved, students completing degrees in professional programs (BM, BFA) will not be able to pursue an Individualized Major. However, students may combine areas of music or art in Individualized Major programs aiming at completion of a BA degree, with the approval of the Head of the Carroll McDaniel Petrie School of Music (for Music) or the Chairperson of the Department of Art and Design (for Art).

  • Our low faculty-student ratio of 11:1 ensures that you will receive the personal attention you need to make your vision flourish.
  • From the Seven Core Values to interdisciplinary courses to the Creative Collaboration Grants, exploring the intersection of disciplines is a fundamental part of Converse’s creative culture.
  • Our Center for Career Development can provide general advising and help you explore options, interests, and talents to help you align your major with your life goals.

Our students participate in some sort of experiential learning opportunity before graduation. As you design your individualized major, every opportunity we offer is at your fingertips. Here are a few things you might decide to incorporate:

  • Internships
  • Service Learning
  • Campus Clubs
  • Study Travel
  • Class Excursions
  • Independent Research
  • Creative Projects

Honors Program

We’re guessing you’re super smart and motivated, or you wouldn’t be here. Consider completing your individualized major within the Nisbet Honors Program. This combination helps you make every course count in multiple ways, as well as providing extra guidance (and possibly even funding) to help you implement your dream major.

Designing your Individualized Major is a team effort – it will involve your advisor, the department chair in each participating department, and the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. (Don’t let the title scare you, he’s a really cool guy.) During your freshman and sophomore year, you’ll learn how to put together your proposal. You will develop a clear interdisciplinary theme and provide a list of proposed courses linked by that theme. Before the end of your sophomore year you’ll submit it for approval through the department and the Curriculum Committee. That process alone is a uniquely valuable experience that will give you uncommon preparation for common working-world situations.

Then the really fun part starts. As you take your courses (general education requirements plus sixteen or more major courses—five in each of three disciplines), you’ll be gathering ideas for your capstone. This is the big picture project (a research thesis? a musical? a robotics display?) that gives you the chance to bring it all together—linking all disciplinary areas you’ve chosen.

During spring term of your senior year, you’ll give a presentation on your capstone for all the world to see—or at least your closest friends, your parents, and the faculty team that helped you pull it all off. All members of the college community are invited to attend the presentation.

You’ll get an evaluation of your presentation by that same faculty team and then it really will be time to celebrate!

Sample Individualized Majors

  • Human-Computer Interactions (combining computer science, math and psychology)
  • Global Technology and Business Accounting (combining international business, computer science and accounting)
  • Oral and Written Communications Studies (combining psychology, English and theatre)
  • Technical Production (combining art, music, & theatre)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (combining politics, marketing and economics)

For full course requirements, see the academic catalog.

The career paths taken by our Individualized Major students are as unique and varied as the students themselves. The sky’s the limit! What do YOU want to explore?



Nadia Gathers ’15

Nadia graduated cum laude from Converse College, where she created her own Social Entrepreneurship curriculum. She integrated business, political science, and economics in order to design and implement creative solutions to the world’s…

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