Stefania Licata

Stefania Licata

Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies



Office: Carmichael 305C

Phone: 864.596.9654


MA, University of Palermo

MA, SUNY Stony Brook

PhD, SUNY Stony Brook


Dr. Stefania Licata holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages & Literature from SUNY Stony Brook. At Converse College, she teaches a variety of courses, including Spanish language, literature and culture as well as her area of expertise in Afro-Hispanic postcolonial studies.

In addition to her Ph.D., she has also received an M.A in Hispanic Languages and Literatures from the same institution and a M.A. in Technology and Pedagogy of foreign languages from the University of Palermo, Italy. Being originally from the Mediterranean area, Dr. Licata’s exposure to the intersections and cultural crossings unique to this area played a crucial part in defining her research’s focus on migration and cultural representations between Africa and Spain, during the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries. Dr. Licata’s research interests involve an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective, as they include Afro-Hispanic Postcolonial Studies, Migration, Diaspora, and Transatlantic studies. She is an active member of the Centro de Estudios Afro-Hispánicos (CEAH) at the National University of Distance Learning, in Madrid.

She is currently preparing the book manuscript “Transits between Africa and Europe: Cultural Projects and Post-Colonial Imaginaries” which examines hybrid cultural productions authored by those who crossed the borders to and from Europe, thus providing an entry point into a powerful social cultural imaginary constructed during the colonial period that continues to be present and operate today. Her article “Dialogue In Transit through Lampedusa: the cases of Kikoko Ekoe and Dagmawi Yimer” is forthcoming in the volume, Media Lampedusa, Spectacularization of the Border and Counter-narrations. Anxieties and Hopes from the first European threshold (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

She is also working on an annotated translation from Italian to Spanish of the chronicle Okiri (Domani)Una storia africana (2006) by Franco Lelli, a text that is of high historical and political interest, as it is the only document witnessing the Bubi’ s rebellion 1998 which was crushed in one of the most atrocious repression of Equatorial Guinea under the current dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema. This project stems from Dr. Licata’s research for her article “Franco Lelli y la rebelión bubi de 1998: Historia y Testimonio en OKIRI” published in March 2016 by the peer-reviewed journal Éndoxa: Series filósoficas. Dr. Licata has presented her research at national and international conferences.

Dr. Licata is the director of the Spanish Writing and Language Center in Mickel Library.


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