Emily Harbin

Emily Harbin

Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center

Emily Harbin


Email: emily.harbin@converse.edu

Office: Mickel Library 204

Phone: 864.596.9597


BA, Converse College

MA, Vanderbilt University

PhD, Vanderbilt University


Dr. Harbin is the director of the Writing Center and teaches in the English department. She received her PhD from Vanderbilt University in nineteenth and twentieth-century British Literature. She enjoys teaching everything British from the Romantics to the Modernists, as well as Literary Criticism, Intro to Literary Types, and composition in all its forms. Her traditional scholarship has focused on motherhood and eugenics in new women novels. She has also recently been making public her secret love for popular culture, delivering papers on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, Lost, True Blood, Ender’s Game and The Hunger Games, and Sherlock.