Emily Karpinski grew up on the beaches of New Jersey. She attended Elmira College, where she earned a Bachelor of Science and is currently working on earning her Masters in Sports Administration from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She came to Converse after she learned her desire is to coach and mentor students. She discovered this true passion while coaching soccer at Chowan University and Trinity Hall High School.

Emily loves the small community of Converse University, because of the passion and one-on-one attention the faculty and staff provide for their students, which in turn, allows students to have the space to become successful. Emily is honored to be a part of a family that is so invested in student outcomes.

Emily resides in Spartanburg with her Lab-Collie mix (Callie) and her Golden Retriever (Jackson). In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Emily also loves to run and hike. Her ultimate goal is to run in one race a month. She loves being fit and active!


Freehold, NJ


All states outside SC and International students

Did You Know?

I have a beautiful Labrador-Collie mix puppy name Callie who I rescued from the Greenville Humane Society.

Words Of Advice For Prospective Students:

Get involved! Earning a degree is your end goal, but the best way to make the most of your college experience is to get involved. Make connections with faculty, staff, and community members you never know where it might take you. The friendships you make now will be the ones that will last forever.