Converse Awards Five C3 Grants for the 2021-2022 Year


Converse’s Creativity, Community, and Cultural Enrichment Grants (C3 Grants) celebrate the creative solutions that result from thinking in new ways and across disciplines, backgrounds and cultures. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to work together to design unexpected solutions and discover unconventional partnerships across disciplines and cultures. 

The grants, ranging from $500 to $5,000 each, are awarded to members of the Converse community who explore ways to stretch the boundaries of what we know, search for new and innovative ways to interact with their fellow humans, and use their expertise to benefit far beyond the Converse community.

2021-2022 Creativity, Community, and Cultural Enrichment Grant Awards

Proposal #1: First-Generation Programming
Daphnie Glenn   

Converse’s First Generation Programs have played a major role in transforming lives for first-generation college students at Converse University. The grant will help increase programming and visibility across campus. 

Proposal #2: FORGE Ahead Converse
Rebecca Parrish with Michelle Bowen, Zach Corbitt, Neval Erturk, and Cathy Gowan

This grant will support a series of workshops for the professional development of faculty, staff, and students of Converse University.

Proposal #3: Uprooting the Performer: Music in Motion
Valerie MacPhail, Courtney LeBauer, and Melissa Owens

This grant supports a joint venture between faculty and students in music, theatre, and dance, where each brings their expertise and creative thought to the endeavor and breaks with traditional expectations.

Proposal #4: Converse University Radio Station
David Berry, John Jeter, and Yarelis Cardona

This grant will help revive the former Converse Radio Station (CoCo Radio) by organizing new members and acquiring the necessary equipment, licenses, and broadcasting. The Converse Campus Radio will benefit participating students by giving them broadcasting and journalism experience.

Proposal #5: Together We Will… Embrace Cultural Diversity through Accessible Literature
Maggie Park, Elena Ghionis, and Galena Gaw   

This grant will provide the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind library with ten Cultural Connection Kits. Converse students will design and create each kit to meet the needs of the children who attend SCSDB with activities that are educational, fun, interesting, and accessible.

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