Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

Master of Music students may apply for graduate assistantships available through the Petrie School of Music. Graduate assistantships consist of a waiver of College tuition and may also carry a stipend. Each assistantship carries specific duties and responsibilities. Application deadline is February 15.

The Financial Planning Office is available to assist students with questions regarding funding of their education.

Policies and Procedures

Graduate assistantships are awarded by the Dean of the School of the Arts based on the qualifications of the applicant, the needs of the School and the availability of funds. Assistantships are awarded to Master of Music students for one year at a time and may be renewed for a second year based on student performance, needs of the School and funds available. Priority for awards is given to full-time students who hold regular graduate student status. Once a graduate assistantship has been awarded, a letter of agreement defining the hours to be worked and the terms of the assistantship will be signed by the student and the Dean. Each graduate assistant is assigned a faculty or staff supervisor. Graduate assistants provide monthly reports stating the hours worked. The reports are to be signed by the graduate assistant’s supervisor and submitted to the Business Manager.

Graduate Performance Diploma students are not generally considered for Graduate Assistantships.

Assistantship Duties

Graduate assistants are expected to serve in the position assigned by the Dean of the School of the Arts. The School makes every effort to assign responsibilities which will enhance the credentials of the graduate assistant. Responsibilities may include assisting faculty in the classroom or general duties related to music performance, library, recording, opera theatre, office assistance, etc. The number of work hours required will be determined by the amount of the award.

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